A Man Practices Marathon Just From Balcony, Even During France Lockdown


Elisha Nochomovitz, a restaurant worker in Toulouse, France, proved that his intention to train for a marathon will not be hindered even though the French government has ordered the people to remains indoors

Like many other countries around the world, France has imposed a two-week on out-of-home bans to curb the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Since January, Nochomovitz has been training hard to take part in the Barcelona Marathon (Mar 15) and the Paris marathon (April 5).

The cancellation of both events because of COVID-19 pandemics did not dampen his enthusiasm for continuing his practice.

Nochomovitz ran the length of a long-distance race (26.2 miles) – on his 23-foot long balcony. He did it in six hours and 48 minutes, an individual record almost pairs that of his past completion time.

“My only pleasure is running, no matter what the time,” he said.

Despite his balcony is not the same as the streets of Barcelona, where he was supposed to run the marathon before it got canceled, Nochomovitz said the experience was worth it. Even there are some people reached out to say they were inspired by him.

Source: CNN

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