Chong Wei Conveys His Appreciation To The Frontliners Curbing COVID-19


As Malaysia battles COVID-19 infections, former national badminton ace Datuk Lee Chong Wei today conveyed his appreciation to the country’s frontliners who are working tirelessly to curb the outbreak.

In a recent posting on his Facebook page and Instagram account, Chong Wei said many of his colleagues in the medical field were working under pressure in the ‘war’ against COVID-19 for the welfare of the people and the country.

The former world number one began his posting by sharing his question to his son, Kingston Lee, about his ambition, and the seven-year-old answered that he wanted to become a doctor because he wanted to save many lives.

Kingston’s reply made Chong Wei smile because he himself had wanted to become a doctor too. However, the three-time Olympics silver medalist accepted that he was better with a badminton racket than a stethoscope.

“Nevertheless, many of my friends are doctors, nurses, and medical assistants. One of Cmy best friends is a radiologist in Penang. When I asked him to be careful, he told me he just wanted to win this war for Malaysia, for his family and for his daughter whom he hadn’t hugged for several nights.

“Another cardiologist friend told me despite saving numerous lives, he prayed every day that he would not bring the virus home to his one-year-old son. To all doctors, nurses, medical assistants, police and armed forces, you guys are the true heroes in life.

“Don’t give up, because once you give up, everything falls. Don’t give up, continue to be the inspiration for my children’s generation. I hope the ones in power will prioritize their safety and fully support them,” he said.

At the same time, the two-time Asian champion also urged all parties to abide by the instruction to stay at home, being honest when they fall sick and educate others in the fight against the virus.

“This virus can be beaten. But we need to work together. Doctors and nurses will save lives, police and army will ensure the system is in order, you and I will ensure the virus chain is broken by staying at home.

“This virus is blind, attacking people of all age, gender, races and political parties. Malaysians can learn from COVID-19,” he added

Chong Wei also included a poem in Bahasa Melayu in his posting:

Dear all,

While you’re reading this text,

At this point in time, the doctors and nurses risked their lives to save lives,

At this point in time too, the police and army left behind their flesh-and-blood to ensure your well-being,

At this point in time, we must stop the spread of this epidemic.

This epidemic rages fast,

Stay home, don’t go out,

The sooner the outbreak stops,

We can go back to earning a living.

Set aside politics, racism,

Warm water is good but it doesn’t kill germs,

If sick, don’t just say ‘okay’,

Plague awaits those who are ignore

Come on people,

Let us save our beloved country.

(Wahai semua,

Saat ni kamu tengah baca teks ini,

Saat ni jua sahabat doktor dan jururawat tengah bertaruh nyawa untuk selamatkan nyawa lain.

Saat ni jua abang polis dan askar meninggalkan darah daging sendiri untuk memastikan kesejahteraan anda.

Saat ni jua kita kena menghentikan penularan wabak ini.

Wabak ini senang menular,

Duduklah rumah janganlah keluar,

Semakin cepat wabak dihenti,

Bolehlah kembali mencari rezeki.

Tolakkan politik, rasis perkauman,

Air suam bagus tapi tak bunuh kuman,

Kalau sakit, jangan ‘tak apa’,

Wabak menanti sesiapa yang alpa;

Ayuh semua rakyat jelata,

Ayuh selamatkan Negara tercinta.)


Last night I asked Kingston, what is his ambition when he grows up? He said “ Doctor, papa. Because I want to save a lot…

Posted by Lee Chong Wei 李宗伟 on Monday, 23 March 2020

Source: Datuk Lee Chong Wei

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