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‘Clean’ Cabinet Will Boost Support For New Govt – Analysts



KUALA LUMPUR, March 4 (Bernama) – One of the more pressing tasks for Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin now is finalising the names of his Cabinet line-up.

Analysts are saying that while Muhyiddin has to hasten the appointment of his Cabinet members to ensure the smooth running of the government’s administrative affairs, he also has to pick suitable candidates whose capabilities the people have confidence in.

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) lecturer Associate Prof Dr Mohd Mahadee Ismail told Bernama the function of any new Cabinet, by right, is to deliver the pledges made by the ruling coalition in its election manifesto.

“Since the new government has no election manifesto to guide them, they should use the promises made by the new prime minister (in his maiden address to the nation on Monday night that was aired on local television networks) as a guide,” said Mohd Mahadee, who is attached to UPM’s Department for Nationhood and Civilisation Studies, Faculty of Human Ecology.

In his speech, Muhyiddin, who was sworn in as the eighth Prime Minister on Sunday, promised to appoint Cabinet members of calibre who have integrity and a clean track record.

He also promised to improve the national healthcare system and use his past experience as an education minister to enhance the quality of the national education system. Focus will also be given to the implementation of the Shared Prosperity Vision 2030 to boost the nation’s economy and narrow the economic gap between the various communities.




Said Mohd Mahadee: “In his speech, the prime minister touched on matters such as improving the nation’s economy, healthcare and education and fighting corruption and misuse of power.

“These are the issues that are of concern to the people who also want a government that can resolve issues efficiently at the grassroots level.”

He also opined that the Cabinet should be formed soon to ensure that the nation’s administrative affairs are not affected.

Any delay in doing so may hold up important decision-making processes and lead to a lack of direction which can have political, economic and social implications, he added.

Head of Governance and Integrity Cluster at Universiti Utara Malaysia’s Centre of Government Studies Prof Dr Ahmad Martadha Mohamed, however, felt that the Cabinet appointment process may take “some time” as all the parties in the new ruling coalition have to be consulted and asked to nominate their respective candidates.

“Next, the candidates have to be evaluated to ensure that they meet the criteria set by the new prime minister who has expressed his intention to form a clean government that upholds the principle of integrity. This process is necessary to increase the people’s confidence in his leadership,” he said.

Urging the people to be patient and calm, he said Muhyiddin should be given leeway to prove his ability to govern the country competently.




Ahmad Martadha also said that the ministers’ appointment should be based on their capacity to address current issues affecting the country, such as the COVID-19 outbreak, trade war between the United States and China, ringgit’s depreciation, high unemployment rate and rising cost of goods.

The people, he stressed, also want Cabinet ministers who are not driven by their own political and individual interests.

“We’ve seen how people used to criticise certain ministers in the past who failed to carry out their duties well,” he said, adding that the formation of a Cabinet that met the people’s aspirations would strengthen their support for the new government.

Mohd Mahadee, meanwhile, said Muhyiddin and his Cabinet should endeavour to bring the administration closer to the people and be more sensitive to the problems they face in an effort to resolve the issues plaguing the rakyat.

“The rising cost of living, fuel prices and house prices, and highway tolls, income tax and PTPTN (National Higher Education Fund Corporation) loans are among the issues troubling the people,” he added.




MCO Throughout Kelantan Starting Tomorrow To January 26 – Ismail Sabri



Senior Minister of Defense, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri through a press conference held just now has stated that the state of Kelantan will be implemented Movement Control Order (MCO).

According to him, the decision was made after the Malaysian Ministry of Health reported a sharp increase in positive cases in the state of Kelantan.

“As of January 14, 2021, a total of 1,649 positive cases have been recorded in the state of Kelantan. Since January 10, 2021, the average daily cases have increased between 80 to 100 cases a day. While active cases also increased sharply within 14 days from 328 cases to 891 cases”

“MOH also confirmed that 90 percent of the districts in Kelantan are now in the red and orange zones. 7 red zone districts in Kelantan namely Kota Bharu, Bachok, Tumpat, Gua Musang, Machang, Kuala Krai and Tanah Merah”.

“While 2 districts are the yellow zone, namely Pasir Puteh and Pasir Mas while 1 district is the orange zone, namely Jeli. Therefore, on the advice and risk assessment of the Ministry of Health Malaysia, a special session today agreed to implement the Movement Control Order (MCO) throughout the state of Kelantan from 16 to 26 January 2021”. he said.

Sources: BERNAMA.

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Please See A Doctor If There Are Symptoms, This Doctor Has A Story To Tell



The number of positive cases for COVID-19 has been increasing by days even after a year of battling it here in Malaysia. Other than that, the number of death caused by COVID-19 has also been shockingly increasing and this has made everyone worried about this.

Despite all that, there are also people who still think that COVID-19 is just a conspiracy and never exists. Unfortunately, people who dare to say that got infected with this dangerous virus. The saddest part would be, their condition is getting worse day by day and they really regret what they have said.

According to a recent Facebook post by a doctor, she told the story of a patient who was stubborn and refused to admit that she had been infected with the Covid-19 virus. The doctor named Dr. Malar Santhi Santherasegapan has posted on her Facebook social media post to share the story of a female patient who came to the clinic for treatment because she felt a change in her body after three days.

According to the post:

“Unwell but no fever, cough, or flu. No loss of sense of smell. So what’s sickness? Just feeling uncomfortable, no appetite and fatigue”, said the patient.

“The third day she was feeling unwell, she went to the GP clinic, and was examined by a doctor who recommended her to take a Covid test. She did not want to because her husband does not believe in Covid. The doctor deliberately wants to make a profit. That’s why they asked for a test”, said her husband. Dr. Malar wrote that the patient did not have close contact so she could not be forced to do a swab test, so she had to be released with medication only.

It is understood that on the sixth day, the patient was still unwell, but the story is the same. The patient did not have a fever, and there are no other symptoms of Covid-19. This time around after examination, the doctor heard an unpleasant sound in the lungs. They conducted a chest x-ray and the doctor saw a ‘Pneumonia’-like covid infection. Once again, they advised and persuaded the patient to do a swab test. Still, the patient rejected.

“Her husband said for sure that is not COVID-19 because Covid is a conspiracy”, shared Dr. Malar. Due to the patient’s stubbornness to take the swab test, her health condition worsened upon entering the ninth day. As her condition continued to worsen, the patient finally went to the hospital.

“Her breath seemed a little fast; she looked tired and breathless. The husband looked a little worried—oxygen in 94% -95%. Conducted x-ray again. That’s it. Full-blown Covid-19 Pneumonia, it’s nothing else!”. This time, she just agreed to take a swab test. But her husband had a hard time saying, “You just made us take the swab test because you want to charge us expensively right?”

But the result of the RT PCR COVID-19 test swab is positive! The doctor was not surprised at all. According to Dr. Malar, what was surprising is the honest confession made by the patient as soon as their result was confirmed positive. They both admitted that they had a fever for 10 days, diarrhea 10-15 times a day because they are taking more vitamin C than they needed, which is why the kidney blood tests showed all the high numbers.

After being referred to the Covid hospital in the state, this patient is still dying and fighting for her life. Her husband is also positive and was given respiratory assistance. Both are in a coma. The doctor then posed a rhetorical question.

“Is this COVID-19 a hoax?”. She wrote again.

At the end of her posting, the doctor advised. ” Please go see a doctor and follow the doctor’s advice if you have symptoms, whether there is a close contact COVID or not. Now there are so many symptoms that have just been detected as positive COVID. Not mcm before this where most patients are positive COVID, but not symptomatic”.

Sources: Facebook Dr. Malar Santhi.

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AirAsia Offers Free Delivery Service Throughout MCO



AirAsia has decided to offer an unlimited free delivery service for any purchase at their own AirAsia food, AirAsia fresh, and AirAsia shop during this MCO period. The true intention is to make it easier for all Malaysians to get necessities such as food, fresh products, groceries, and more while staying safe at home.

However, this free delivery service is only available in the Klang Valley only and will be offered in other areas soon.

Picture: AirAsia

AirAsia Food

AirAsia Food offers a wide variety of food options available to eat. Customers can also enjoy unlimited free shipping within 15km of your home. There are various dishes available such as Asian cuisine, western cuisine, desserts, bread, and many more.

AirAsia Fresh

In addition, customers can order fresh products such as meat, seafood, vegetables, and groceries online at AirAsia Fresh. With a minimum expenditure of RM30, you have the opportunity to enjoy unlimited free shipping using the promo code ‘STAY HOME’. For this service, there is no set limit for free shipping distance. Alternatively, customers can choose delivery for the next day or delivery based on the time of choice.

AirAsia Shop

Through the AirAsia shop, customers can get products such as skincare, make-up, health, and so on. Just place a minimum order of RM30 to enjoy unlimited free shipping. No promotional code is required, however, you need to be around the Klang Valley only.

Sources: AirAsia Food, AirAsia Fresh, AirAsia Shop.

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