“Coronavirus Challenge,” Woman Posted TikTok Video Licking Plane Toilet Seat


An Instagram model 22-year-old from Miami, has been pummeled after posting a video of herself licking a latrine seat in what has been named the “coronavirus challenge”.

From the video, she was in the restroom of a plane when endeavoring to launch the TikTok video.

“It would be ideal if you retweet this so individuals can realize how to appropriately be sterile on the plane,” she said.

The clip has received over 300,000 views on Twitter and the original TikTok version appears to have been removed.

Despite all this, she calling the stunt the challenge it does not seem to have taken off on social media.

Meanwhile, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington state have all announced public buildings will be shut temporarily, amid fears that the number of cases will continue to grow beyond the confirmed 4,000.

The U.S. death toll climbed to at least 85, with 25 of those deaths associated with the Life Care Center in Kirkland, Washington.

Sources: Express.co.uk

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