Smoking Or Vaping Increase The Risk Of A Severe Covid-19 Infection – Experts


Individuals who take tobacco products like smokers and vapers may be at greater risk if infected by COVID-19, said, health experts.

According to Mayo Clinic’s pulmonologist and critical care physician, Dr. Neal Patel, a smoking habit can destroy the natural defense mechanism of people’s lungs.

“Smoking makes you more susceptible to COVID-19 because it destroys some of your lung’s natural defense mechanisms. Vaping may do the same thing,” says Dr. Patel.

Data from the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that the mortality rate of COVID-19 patients with chronic respiratory disease was 6.3 percent compared to those without the disease (2.3 percent).

“Smoking or vaping destroys the cilia in the lungs,” he added.

“The cilia are tiny, hairlike follicles that help to trap viruses and debris and move them up and out of your lungs so they don’t stay there and cause issues.”

“The cilia act as one of the main defense systems against infection. Without that cilia, smokers, unfortunately, are a little bit defenseless. And it explains why some smokers who develop common colds may develop prolonged coughs for weeks to months,” added Dr. Patel.

“Somebody who has healthy lungs may bounce back more rapidly.”

“Research suggests that vaping may also harm cilia in the lungs. I recommend people stop vaping to maintain lung health and reduce the risk of developing the severe disease if they contract COVID-19,” he said.

Although there is still much research to be conducted on the effects of smoking and vaping towards COVID-19 patients, he advised smokers and vapers to stop the habit.

COVID-19 is also dangerous to people with other diseases, cancer, and diabetes.

Source: KKM, Mayo Clinic, National Institution on Drug Abuse

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