“To Those Who Have Father, I Just Want To Say…” Khairulaming Shares Heartbreaking Advise


Every human who lives in this world will surely die someday. We’re just not sure when is death will get us. Death is also inevitable if it invites loved ones like family or friends.

A story was shared by a man on Twitter called Khairulaming. According to his tweet, his father just passed away. In the same tweet, he also gave some advice to people who still have their dad.

“Last night my dad passed away, quietly leaving our family. I’ve been scared of these things for a long time. But life and death are not in our hands. To those who have a father, I just want to advise…”

“First, always come back to the village to see dad. Sometimes we save money, save annual leave because of overseas holidays. But we love to use AL to return home. Thankfully my house is close to the airport KB, but there are certain times I’m busy with work.”

“Second, try our best to fulfill our father’s wish. If he wants something, try to buy it while he can. When my dad got sick, he mentioned many times he wants to go to a grilled fish restaurant, but we couldn’t bring him because he had to lie down and couldn’t get up. To this day, I feel sad to not be able to fulfill her last wish.”

“Third, learn from the beginning how to bathe and ‘kafan’ the body. To be honest, I don’t know but thank God the Ustaz teaches me. My hands and feet are trembling because I was holding back the tears from bathing my father’s body,” he said.

“Fourth, take lots of pictures with our dad while he’s still around. My dad doesn’t like to take pictures, so it’s a little difficult to take. But we always take candid pictures of him playing with his grandchildren.”

“Fifth, when the time of your father’s funeral, take the opportunity to bring your father’s body to the grave and bring him down to the grave. This will be your last memory with him.

“Lastly, this is the simplest thing but we always take it easy. No matter how busy you are, answer the phone when dad calls. We don’t know when we last talked to him. There are certain times I get so busy with work that I forget to call back,” he added.

Final word, he prayed for his father to always in peace. His father was a good man. He loved his father very much. He said his dad will always be in his heart. “Take care of your parents while they are still here. If you do not mind, pray al-Fatihah for my late father. Thank you.”

Picture via Khairulaming

Picture via Khairulaming

Picture via Khairulaming

Picture via Khairulaming

Picture via Khairulaming

Source: Khairulaming

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