“Ustaz Don’t Stop Keep going,” Doctor Thanks Ebit Liew Ordered More Aircond, High Fans For Hospital Uses


The COVID-19 pandemic is still being fought by all Malaysians. Despite the hard work of the front line staff, certain parties are willing to offer assistance.

For well-known Ustaz Ebit Lew, the contribution he has made since the outbreak of the pandemic is not to be questioned.

Through his post on Facebook, he was saddened to hear that the government was preparing for the third wave of the COVID-19 virus outbreak in our country.

Risau sedih juga dengar persiapan kerajaan untuk gelombang ketiga covid 19. Banyak tempat baru dah mula dibuka. Semua…

Posted by Ebit Lew on Sunday, 29 March 2020

“Worried and sad to hear of the government preparing for the third wave of COVID-19. Many new places have begun to open. All hospitals add and expand screening and quarantine facilities. Thank God my reservation for 15 portable air-cond and 30 high fans and kettles is up and apron, face-shield is 3 thousand, etc,” said Ebit Lew.

“I called a lot of hospitals before. I’m asking if all help is wasted and not all help is needed. I don’t know about other places. But we are still lacking. It needs to be. All is still not enough. Ustaz don’t stop. Keep going. Thank you so much. Please, Ustaz. The doctor told me. That’s the sentence of all the officers I deal with. They all gave me a letter of application for goods and a letter of departure.”

“Thankfully today, 10 motorcycle riders are constantly on the move delivering food to the hungry and needy. Pray all the prayers for our country to be safe and God will return the favor as before,” he added.

For everyone who wants to help the donation, you can donate through the account number below:

CIMB 8603546376
Pertubuhan Kasih Umat Malaysia

Source: Ebit Lew

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