Why Some Planes Are Missing Rows 13 And 17? Here’s the answer


Believe it or not, there are no seats 13 or 17 onboard. There is a superstitious excuse behind the 2 numbers.

If you look carefully, the traveler will find a surprising fact about the flight seat number. In some airlines, the traveler will never find seats number 13 or 17. Two sacred numbers must be deliberately skipped.

Usually, after seat number 12, it will be directly connected to seat number 14. Then after seat number 16, definitely direct seat number 18. Without the numbers 13 and 17.

There is a reason why the 2 numbers disappear. The reason is the number of negative connotations.

Collected from detik.com and several sources, Friday (10\/5\/2019), in some countries 2 numbers (13 and 17) can bring peskily.

Airlines such as Air France, Iberia, Lufthansa, and Ryanair deliberately eliminated the 13th-row seat. One of the sources in Ryanair called it was not the intention of the airline, but more to the ‘tradition’ of the manufacturer of aircraft makers from the United States.

In some cultures, the number 13 is considered a bad carry. That’s why there is no Line 13 seat at Lufthansa because we value the trust, ‘ the LUFTHANSA statement on the official website.

“Whereas the number 17 is considered to be pesky because when it is written in the Roman numerals (XVII), it is a form of the anagram of VIXI meaning: ‘ My life will end ‘ in Latin,” dial that statement.

In some countries such as Italy and Brazil, the number is just not 13, but 17. Therefore, as an international airline, LUFTHANSA will consider such cultural beliefs.

Source : Traveldetik.com

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