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Cinema In South Korea Giving Half-Price Tickets To Attracts Customers

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People in South Korea now can watch movies at the cinema with half-price tickets by using a discount coupon provided by the Korean Film Council (KOFIC).

According to The Jakarta Post, KOFIC will be giving out discount coupons for movie tickets on a three-week period starting Monday, as part of its way to revive the film industry that was falling because of COVID-19 outbreak.

As what is told by the KOFIC last week, people will get a 6,000 won (RM21.15) discount for one movie ticket compared to the average price of around 10,000 (RM35.26). But, the discount is applicable only for films that shown from Thursday to Sunday.

The three biggest cinema in South Korea that is CGV, Megabox, and Lotte Cinema will be distributing the coupons through their websites, with two coupons limited to one person per week on a basis of first come, first served.

It was believed that the number of people attends the cinema in April dropped by around 94% compared to the last year’s April. And, overall sales for the film industry this year are expected to drop by as much as 70% compared to 2019. Because of COVID-19, it is said that around 75 new films have postponed their releases this year.

Source: The Jakarta Posts

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