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The Five Richest Marathon In The World With The Most Expensive Prize Money of US$200,000

Who said that rich people just need to be a cosmetics entrepreneur? For those who have no business ability or no interest in education, you may still have the opportunity to become a millionaire.

With a strong heart, intense training, and thorough preparation to overcome the marathon run of 2:02:57, you will become a millionaire right away.

Here are five marathons that offer the most expensive gifts or the highest amount of cash in the world.

5. Tokyo Marathon

Originally contested in 2007. the Tokyo Marathon is a new addition to the World Marathon Majors competition as a result of a combination of 2 major marathons in Japan.

It boasts a very warm race with over 35,000 entries and is one of the most famous international marathons. The total cash for this marathon is RM 1.175 million.

The prize for this marathon winner is close to RM313,000 and if the world record is successful, you will bring home an additional RM1.1 million in cash.

4. Bank of America Chicago Marathon

The marathon is one of the largest marathons in the United States and one of the largest annual ceremonies in Chicago. It attracted close to 45,000 entries and was viewed by over 1.7 million viewers. The total cash prize offered is RM 1.96 million.

For 2013, Boston Marathon winner Kenya runner Rita Jeptoo also won the Chicago Marathon and took home RM 391,000in cash. The cash prize if you set a new record is rm 294,000.

3. TCS New York City Marathon

In 1970, the first NYC Marathon was held which limited to Central Park was attended by only 127 participants with a fee of RM4. 127 participants, only 55 completed the run and only one participant did not finish the run due to health problems.

The prizes were given for cheap watches and a unit of scarves or bowling trophies. However, the marathon has evolved over time. The 2013 race has set a record of 50,000 runners the highest in marathon history.

The cash prize has reached 2.74 million, which the winner takes RM509,000. The winner is Priscah Jepto who also won the World Marathon Majors title was awarded an additional RM1.96 million in cash.

For those who have won this marathon, the prize will increase from RM509,000 to RM783,00. It is enough if the time is recorded below 2:05:00, RM 235,000 will be awarded.

2. Boston Marathon

Who remembers the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing incident that is still remembered by today. However, the race is best known as the oldest marathon in the world.

In 2014, 36,000 participants completed the race with a total of over RM3.13 million in cash. The men and women category winners took home RM588,00 and rm 294,000.

  1. Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

As anyone knows, Dubai is the most luxurious in the world. Dubai was also famous for the world’s highest cash prize marathon.

It was performed in 2000 with only 15,000 entries. The total cash offered is RM 3.13 million and a bonus  RM 784,000 for world time record.

A total of the amount is RM784,000 was awarded first and second place winners in 2014, while RM313,000 to second place winners.

The run was awarded as the longest run in the history of 2008. A total of 980,000 was brought by the winner, which doubled from the prize offered.

Dubai Holding offered to anyone who could set a new world record, but no one succeeded. Haile Gebreselassie recorded the best time of 2:04:53, the second-fastest time in the world. But he managed to set a new record for Berlin Marathon with a time 2:03:59 which ranks in 17th in the world.


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