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Live Sustainably With These More Than 5 Zero-Waste Stores To Go-Green

Our world is over-polluted and we credit this to our bad habits and ignorance. It is a very common sight in Malaysia to see random bits of plastic wrappers, straws, and drink containers scattered all over the streets.

We can blame the government for not putting enough refuse bins around town or having too little manpower in the clean-up department but ultimately, the first blame lies with each of us, the consumers.

Items that have not been ‘touched’ over the past year can be removed or recycled as appropriate. If you are around Klang Valley or near to these stores you may be able to send it to this thread. According to Sunflower Aidil, he shares about a few zero-wasted stores in Malaysia.

What makes it unbelievable, he said few shops allowed you to refill the essentials. Let’s take a look at these few stores.

Sources: Freyr

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