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Watching Horror, Scary Movies Can Help You Lose Weight – Research

There are many ways we might read and see how to lose weight. There are few tips by controlling your diet and exercising. According to a study done by a group of researchers from the University of Westminster, watching horror movies can also have many benefits, such as burning calories and boosting mood.

Dr. Richard MacKenzie that conducted a study, revealed that a 90-minute horror film can help you burn up to 113 calories, the same amount of calories you would burn in a 30-minute walk or a 15-minute run.

Researchers measured levels of heart rate, oxygen intake, and carbon dioxide exhaling. They found that scary films triggered a boost in the heart rate of the case studies. This quick rush of adrenaline discharged at brief moments of high stress (or in this particular case, fear) minimizes the appetite and elevates the basal metabolic rate which results in a higher loss of calories.

In another study by the US National Library of Medicine’s National Institutes of Health, watching horror films also caused the body to produce more white blood cells. Here are the top 10 calorie-burning productions:

  1. The Shining: 184 calories
  2. Jaws: 161 calories
  3. The Exorcist: 158 calories
  4.  Alien: 152 calories
  5.  Saw: 133 calories
  6. A Nightmare on Elm Street: 118 calories
  7.  Paranormal Activity: 111 calories
  8. The Blair Witch Project: 105 calories
  9.  The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 107 calories
  10.  [Rec]: 101 calories

Sources: US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, The Guardian

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