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In this new normal, having your temperatures checked is something important before you can go into any store or buildings. This must be taken as a cautious step to prevent COVID-19 from keep spreading.

Public Health has announced today that normal temperatures must only be in the range of 36.0-37.5.

However, we can still see many people having their temperature checked in the wrong way.

Termometer jenis tidak bersentuh banyak digunakan kini kerana ia mudah, lebih bersih dan mengukur suhu dengan tepat….

Posted by Public Health Malaysia on Wednesday, 29 July 2020

On their Facebook post, Public Health Malaysia shared the right range of temperatures and ways to check our temperature.

The post said:

Non-contact type thermometers are widely used today because they are simpler, cleaner, and accurately measure temperature.

For information, this type of thermometer is used to measure the temperature in the PROOF, which is the temperature of the temporal artery.

If you measure in other parts such as the palms, chest, and soles of the feet it is NOT ACCURATE and you may miss out to detect individual symptoms.

Oh yes, the contagious message about the harmful effects of temperature detection devices is inaccurate. Hopefully, there is an action against individuals who spread such fake news.”

No-contact thermometers are being used widely and the easiest, more hygienic, and able to accurately record temperatures.

Source: Facebook Public Health Malaysia

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