Indian Businessman Wears RM17,000 Gold Face Mask to Ward Off COVID-19


Wearing a mask now is a must for this new era. This Indian businessman took these rules to the next level. He decided to make a metallic mask of pure gold. Shankar Kurade, a resident of Pimpri-Cinchwad in Pune, minted the mask spending nearly Rs 3 lakhs (RM17000) started to break the internet.

Designed with special patterns on the magnificent ‘protective gear’, secured by white elastic bands. The mask weighed 50 grams with few minute holes to make sure it is breathable. About the efficacy, Kurade himself wasn’t quite sure.

“I am not sure whether this mask will be effective,” Kurade said.

The photos of him holding the gold mask went viral on the internet and left people baffled. Some people wondered why he spent so much money on a thing that he isn’t sure if it works. The rest were irked that despite everything he failed to understand the importance of wearing a mask amid the pandemic.

People argued that he could be easily bought many effective masks like the N-95 or even disposable one to keep the infection at bay. Also, people alleging him of splurging wealth when he could easily help many poor people with that much money.

Source: Indian Express

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