Kuantan Beach Badly Littered After MCO Lifted


Since MCO started, the planet earth was healing cause by us were not out there destroying it. Rivers got cleaner and fresher, air pollution dropped, and there was only a little amount of litter.

Now we realized when MCO was lifted about months ago, it was too soon. People are now going back to their old bad habits. We can see when the KUANTAN Facebook page shared how badly the Pantai Sepat, Kuantan where it was littered.

The post said, “As usual … there is no end.”

This habit can be seen anywhere. Actually, it is not really that hard to throw your own rubbish into a dustbin yet, Malaysian still living by the ‘someone else will do it for me’ culture.

Picture: KUANTAN

Picture: KUANTAN

We should adjust our lifestyle and give a little bit of concern to our nature as much as we adapt to the new normal of wearing masks and social distancing.

Seperti biasa…..tiada kesudahan

Posted by KUANTAN on Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Source: Facebook

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