Ministry of Health Reminds People About Aidiladha SOP


All Muslims in Malaysia today celebrate Aidiladha. While we can celebrate it, the SOP set by the government must still be followed. Today, Ministry of Health (KKM) reminds to follow Aidiladha SOPs for those who are celebrating it today on Twitter this morning.

“In rejoicing to welcome Aidiladha with family and neighbors, do not forget or ‘pretend to forget’ the SOP set by the government,” said KKM.

“If you forget, KKM reminds you again of Hari Raya Aidiladha SOP and Ibadah Korban,” KKM added.

The SOPs are:

  1. Encouraged to have the slaughter done at the slaughterhouse
  2. Cannot be more than 10 animals at a time
  3. Only 20 people are allowed for each animal
  4. Only 20 guests are allowed for house visit at a time

Source: Twitter

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