Saudi Arabia Builds Largest Camel Hospital In The World


Emir of Qassim Province, Prince Dr. Faisal Bin Mishal unveiled the world’s largest camel hospital in Buraidah, Saudi Arabia on Sunday. According to a Saudi Press Agency (SPA) news release on July 8, the Salam Veterinary Group hospital will treat the animal and will be equipped with the facility to diagnose various camel-related illnesses.

Saudi Arabia’s Environment, Water, and Agriculture Minister Abdulrahman Bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Fadhli was also present at the opening ceremony.

Dr. Faisal later asserted that the SR100 million (RM114 million) project was a national achievement and was developed with a high degree of professionalism.

He said it would improve the health of the animal and the medicine of the camel. He also added that the hospital would change the treatment of various diseases that infected the camel and would provide health care to the owners.

After opening a plaque for the hospital, Prince Dr. Faisal visited a specialized laboratory with 60 equipment and devices to conduct over 160 disease analyzes.

The son of Dr. Faisal also visited the hall which was the site of the camel’s health check. The hall can accommodate 144 camels at any time.Dr. Faisal’s son also visited a camel hut in a large area and could accommodate up to 4,000 animals at a time.

He was also briefed on the model of the young camel unit, the intensive care unit, the computerized tomography scan unit, and the safe operating room.

The hospital is built on an area of ​​70,000 square meters and is equipped with many technologies to increase production and research to study the causes of various camel diseases.

The hospital has many specialists to improve the services of camel herds and increase the number of livestock.

One of the goals of the hospital is to make changes in the tradition of embryology and fertilization of the camel between the ages of 25 and 30 years.

The hospital has helped produce seven young camels in each season. To date, the hospital has increased fetal production from 100 to 700 camel fetuses.

Sources: Arab

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