Syed Saddiq Leaves Parliament Early To See Mother Who Diagnosed With Breast Cancer


Syed Saddiq, Former Youth and Sports Minister, revealed on his Twitter account last night that his mother’s  cancer were believed to be back.

In the tweet, he stated there is a reason why he left the parliament early which is to go back to his hometown at Muar, Johor. He left the parliament earlier than usual when he received news that her mother diagnosed with breast cancer again.

“In 2013, she won the battle against breast cancer. 2 weeks ago, we found out that the cancer is back. Tomorrow mama will be going through her operation,” said Syed Saddiq via Twitter.

Her mom diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and now the cancer is back once again. He said that his mom will be going through operation today to remove the cancerous cells.

In the same tweet, he also asked everyone to pray for his mother’s health and even stating that her mother is a fighter for beating cancer once before.

Source: Twitter Syed Saddiq

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