Thought Was ‘Dead’, This Puppy Passed Out After Eating Dragon Fruit


Who does not afraid to find their beloved pet is dead. A corgi, on the internet, gave some people a heart attack whenever they look at the picture.

A post has gone viral shows a dog, who’s the owner thought dead on the floor after ate dragon fruit.

The owner was totally shocked after walked into the kitchen, found out the puppy lying on the floor, covered in what looks like, blood.

First thought, the corgi puppy has been injured and died.

The puppy that thought was dead, fortunately, was not dead like what the owner thought.

According to the tweet, the puppy was actually covered in dragon fruit that it ate.

The tweet said, “Its owner found him like this and thought it bled to death but it turns out that the puppy had sneakily stolen some dragon fruit, ate it and fell into a food coma! So cute!”

Such an adorable puppy, no regrets on what it has made the owner felt.

Source: Twitter

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