Victorian Man Social Distancing By Walking In A Huge Bubble


Since the pandemic started, we have been advised to work on our social distancing between others. Social distancing is not something that we can take lightly, the virus can be spread easily when we are close with those who carry the virus.

But, there is a man that takes a unique way of doing social distancing. And that is, by using a huge bubble.

A post on Facebook shows a Victorian man socially distanced himself from others by walking down the streets in a huge inflatable bubble.

The video posted by Plus61J Media on Facebook was filmed in Belgrave, Victoria where a man was traveling in the ball without wearing any shoes or face masks, but a plastic cover. It said that he came from Belgrave, 47km east of Melbourne.

In the footage, it can be heard the man shout ” I’m the man in the bubble!” as he walked past the passerby who was watching him.

This contraption came into view when Victoria has reached a total of 532 new cases and Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews threatened to close down all the industries in future restrictions. Recently, five residents in aged care and a 50-year-old man have died. There are still 245 hospitalized and 44 of them are placed in the intensive care unit.

Bubble Man

Melbourne man finds a new way to go outdoors and social distance at the same time. Video: Janine Rigby

Posted by Plus61J Media on Friday, 24 July 2020

Source: Facebook Plus61J Media

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