(Video) Guy Become Social Media Sensation, Show Off His Giant Five-Inch Thumb


A student in Massachusetts, Jacob Pina went viral for having the longest thumb we all have ever seen.

A video posted by Caters Clipson YouTube reached 167,000 views and counting shows Jacob pina filming his thumb.

In the video, he said, ” Hey guys, this is my thumb. Yeah it is very long, yes it is real, and yes I have never lost a thumb battle”. He also posts videos of his thumbs on other platforms like TikTok.

He wasn’t embarrassed with his unique thumb instead, he felt good with it. Long as a pen or a can of a soft drink in size, he has the king-sized thumb that breaks the internet. He also not sure how and why he has the five inches long thumb and does not mind sharing it with people on the internet.

He’s okay when people get shocked and started to compare their thumbs and his thumb. That does not make him uncomfortable but proud. Still shocked by the fact that his video went viral overnight, thanks to his thumb, he is now a star of the internet.

Source: Scrabbl

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