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Ben Affleck Returning As Batman In ‘The Flash’

Vanity Fair reports that Ben Affleck will return as Batman in The Flash. Andy Muschietti, film director and film producer Barbara Muschietti also confirmed Affleck’s comeback.

Affleck’s return to play Batman is quite surprising, given Affleck’s exit from the DCEU.

Although Affleck was openly excited about starring in his solo film, he also talked about how struggles to left the DCEU. While it’s great to see Affleck return as Batman, it doesn’t seem like a sign that the actor will return in the future for the DCEU.

Affleck himself will only appear in The Flash movieThe film The Flash seems to present a farewell story for Ben Affleck’s Batman. Ben Affleck’s Batman last appeared in the Justice League film which was released in 2017. He will also appear in the Justice League film Snyder Cut which will be released next year.

Since Affleck left the DCEU, the film The Batman he has written, directed, and will star in has taken in new directions. Now Matt Reeves has taken over the film as director and writer, and Robert Pattinson will be wearing a Batman cloak. The film The Batman itself will be released next year and will tell the figure of Batman who is younger than before.


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