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Woman Shocked By A 6ft King Cobra That Her Husband Keeps In Their Bathroom

Picture: Daily Star

A woman who just returned from shopping was shocked to notice the presence of a large snake hiding in the bathroom of her house. But what is even more shocking is when the snake was placed by her husband who found it on a building site.

Her husband, Andre du Preez is said to have been called to catch the six-foot-long snake after it was found in its hiding place and was in a cold state.

After that, the prison service provider took the snake back to his house and bathed the snake with warm water to revive it before leave to prepare a heated terrarium glass tank for the reptile.

He did not know that his wife had returned earlier than shopping and only realized his return when he heard his wife’s screams. The man is said to have saved the snake as a hobby and released it to a farmer’s farm believed to be far from the community home

Picture: Daily Star

Hailing from the Western Cape, South Africa, Andre has caught snakes for the past 35 years and rescues about 250 to 300 reptiles each year.

“When I heard all the screaming I knew I was in for it but I had only planned to give the snake a few minutes to warm up and I thought she would be gone half an hour,” said Andre.

“She may not be very tall but she has a temper and can be more dangerous than a cobra!” He added.

Source: Daily Star

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