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5 Most Exciting Rescheduled 2021 Tour Dates And Festivals



Because of the Covid-19 Pandemic situation, many tours and also festivals have been postponed to a certain date that would be suitable for all events to be held again with safety and also comfort. Many things and also circumstances that have to be considered before the date could be chosen for events to be done again.

These are 5 of the best tours and also festivals that have been confirmed in the year 2021:

1) Avril Lavigne’s Tour On The 29th Of January

Recently, Avril Lavigne has announced on her Instagram social media platform that she would be revealing new tour dates for many places. This tour could be done as many countries are slowly beginning to reopen slowly. The tour would start in Tokyo, Japan that will begins in the month of January. This would be the tour for her Asian leg of her latest Head Above Water World Tour.

2) Harry Styles’s Tour On The 12th Of February

The other tour that will never put on hold anymore would be the Harry Styles Love On World Tour. The European leg of this tour would be started from February through March. He also brings along his special guests with him for the tour. Based on Harry Styles’s tweet in March he stated, “We’re all in this together”. He also added, “I can’t wait to see you out on the road as soon as it’s safe to do so. Until then, treat people with kindness”.

3) Céline Dion’s Tour On The 19th Of March

Céline Dion also has postponed her world tour from the year 2020. He postponed specifically the dates for the European leg of her Courage World Tour. The original schedule for her Courage world tour would be six nearly back-to-back shows in Paris from March 19 until March 27 but the tour got rescheduled in 2021. Based on the announcement that she made on her Twitter social media page, the first place that she is going to be for her world tour would be the European leg of her tour. She also would visit the other 31 cities for her Courage world tour.

4) Justin Bieber’s Tour On The 2nd Of June

Justin Bieber’s world tour dates also have been postponed for the next summer. It will specifically start on the 2nd of June 2021 until the 15th of August 2021. Based on the statement wrote by Justin Bieber, he said that  “I can’t wait to get out there and connect with my fans on this tour”. He also added, “We’ve been through so much this year. More than ever, we’ve come to understand how much we need each other, and how meaningful these moments can really be”. He also has added 19 new American and also Canadian dates for his new world tour schedule.

5) Aerosmith’s Tour On The 14th Of September

Last but not least, the iconic and everlasting famous group that is Aerosmith also has postponed the date for the group 50th anniversary to the year of 2021. This particular show is going to be held at the place named Fenway.

Sources: Billboard.


Tired Working From Home? These 5 Hotels Offers Work From Hotel As Low As RM19



Various hotels in Malaysia are offerings the’ Work from Hotel’ package allowing any individual who tired working from home to a new ambiance.

Some hotels offering a good rate with f&b discounts and in fact with free-flow drinks.

Let’s see more deals below.

1. OYO Malaysia

OYO Malaysia offers a wide range of hotels with work From Hotel package offerings as low as RM19. For those of you who are interested, you can visit this website to make a reservation.

2. Ormond Hotels

Located in Chow Kit, the package offered is only RM30 and you will get a free flow coffee drink. The package is only offered every Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm. Can make a reservation here.

3. Holiday Inn Express Kuala Lumpur

4. AnCasa Hotel


5. Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Shangri-La Hotel offers packages as low as RM190 and you can choose the type of room that suits your budget.

Sources: OYO Malaysia, Ormond Hotels, Holiday Inn Express Kuala Lumpur, AnCasa Hotel, Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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Three Types Of Footwear You Should Never Wear While Driving



Nowadays, many people tend to choose comfortability compared to safety when they are choosing the footwear that they want to use for driving. It can be for driving a car, bus, lorry, or any other vehicle. Little did they know, these simple choices that they made could bring so many consequences towards themselves when they are driving. Certain footwear is not very suitable to be used when driving because they could have their own negative impacts.

These are 3 types of improper footwear that are dangerous to be used while driving:

1) High Heeled Shoes

When the driver is using high heeled shoes, the heel inhibits the driver’s ability to apply an even pressure towards the pedal and only the ball of the foot is able to make contact with the pedal. Other than that, the heel also makes it awkward for the foot to rest evenly and can interfere with the driver’s reaction time if they ever need to stop the vehicle quickly. The driver needs to apply an even pressure towards the pedal so that the brake or clutch pedals could be used effectively by the driver.

2) Barefooted

The barefoot driver also could never run away from its own problems. Bare feet are actually not helping the driver to give an effective way of applying firm and even pressure to the brake. Applying extra pressure with bare feet could also increase the driver’s risk of pain and cramping to happen in the foot. This will cause further hindering their ability to drive safely. If the driver is thinking to wear stockings, the driver’s feet could easily slip on the pedals.

3) Flip-Flop Sandals

Flip-flop sandals might be the most dangerous and also inappropriate footwear to be worn while driving. Most people that wear flip-flop sandals while driving experience near-miss accidents. This particular footwear is considered dangerous because it can easily get stuck under the pedals, slowing the driver’s reaction time in the event a quick break becomes necessary.

Sources: Daspit Law Firm.

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Top Five Comfortable And Luxury Prisons In The World



Have you heard of prisons is the most comfortable place for prisoners? When mentioned about the prison, surely we will think in our mind that it is one place that can be the worst as hell. A prison is a place that is considered uncomfortable and filled with those who commit crimes.

Yet, not all prisons carry horror images. There are several countries in the world that change the perception of outsiders so that it makes the public want to visit these kinds of places.

Here we list the five most comfortable prisons in the world that can be mistaken for a holiday destination.

1. Justice Centre Leoben, Austria

Known for its five-star prison, the prison located in the town of Leoben, Austria, and has such architecture that looks like a business building complex. With a capacity that can accommodate 205 inmates, the prison is always full of books.

Completed in 2004, prison management believes all human beings born free and equivalent to dignity and rights, taken from the International Treaty on Civil and Political Rights that ‘everyone is deprived of its freedoms should be treated with humanity and by respect for the prestige of humanity that exists’.

2. Bastoy Prison, Norway

Located in Bastoy Island, the prison can accommodate up to 100 inmates. The prison is equipped with tennis courts, horse fields, fishing ponds, and luxurious sun loungers.

Dubbed as the minimal-security prison, each prisoner’s room space is equipped with a kitchen and a relaxing area for the comfort of prisoners.

3. HMP Addiewell Prison, Scotland

HMP Addiewell wardens have homes raided by fellow cops after blitz on legal high racket inside scandal-hit prison

Located in Scotland, prisoners in this prison are prepared to mingle with the community after they leave. Here, although basically seems like a regular prison, its interior space decoration makes it less daunting than other prisons.

4. Aranjuez Prison, Spain

Aranjuez Prison in Spain

In this prison, prisoners are allowed to be accompanied by their parents for the first year. Even in prison is also provided space for prisoner children under three years of age – ready with swings, toys, and walls filled with Disney characters and patterns.

While for the child that over the age of three, they will be handed over either to the government or relatives of the prisoners before the prisoner is resettled to a regular prison cell.

This concept means that prisoners are also human beings who have a desire to have family and loved ones as well as conscious of the presence of both parents in three years of early childhood development.

5. Pondok Bambu Prison, Indonesia

10 Prisons, Where To Serve A Life Sentence Is Not What You Expect | Chilled Mind
In Malaysia’s neighboring country Indonesia, there is a prison similar to that of an apartment – equipped with a comfortable living room and a padded sofa for its occupants.

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