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Are You A Movie Enthusiast? Try Watching These 5 Feel Good Movies on Netflix



Netflix has been offering a lot of films to be watched and enjoyed by many individuals from all different stages of age. There would definitely be something that can be engaged by everyone on Netflix. Some of the films on Netflix would surely help you to feel good after you have watched it.

These are 5 feel good movies that are available on Netflix:

1) Pitch Perfect 3

This particular film called “Pitch Perfect 3” is a film that plays like a sugar-fueled sorority fantasy in which a group of besties are able to slay audiences worldwide and this time including the hooting crowds of US soldiers. They all could do that via the only appeal of their own vocalizing. This movie is best when it is focused on the music that they sing but have changed for their own unique style. For everyone who loves to sing in the shower, this is your go to film.

2) Pacific Rim Uprising

In this specific film called “Pacific Rim Uprising”, Jaegers which is the name of the giant robots and also Kaiju which is the name for the huge primeval creatures with interdimensional containment issues. Both of them are going to be head to head again in this film. This time around, the “Pacific Rim Uprising” straw away from the complex world-building and also all the subtle characterizations so that they are able to provide the amazing and realistic robotics effects for all the hardcore undiscerning sci-fi fans. During the first hour or so in the movie, there surely has been a directness and also swift pace that works on an elemental level, and the final act is also a delirious sugar rush that consists of city-smashing spectacle. The scene was done in Tokyo that of course has been evacuated to avoid any pesky collateral damage so that the goods of the movie promises could be delivered precisely.

3) La La Land

“La La Land” film is such rare beast film created by the director. It is a grown-up movie musical that is definitely not kitschy, a huge joke or even a Bollywood film. On the contrary, this film is something that is a swooning and also beautifully crafted for all the viewers that love this kind of film. This “La La Land” film is also a far sweeter and more generous film that has ever been created. It offers up a place where artistic ambition and also heady romance are able to co-exist and breaking into song and dance can be both deadly serious and also a whole lot of fun.

4) Shrek

This “Shrek” film is some sort of the ‘new’ version of ogre that the world has been waiting for. This Shrek is a specific creature that is house-proud, a keen chef, mild-mannered and also has a heart beats under his thick green skin. DreamWorks, which is this film production clearly picking up the pace with its animated features. Technically, the film is definitely a triumph. The bigger picture makes this film to be rather more conventional. The twist play with fairytale clichés merely freshens them up for re-use. The moral of the film also comes served with the sentimentality.

5) Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

The film “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood” is the film that some sort of a high-wire, playful and also very madly enjoyable riff on movie-world folklore that only Quentin Tarantino could make and get away with. It is such a massively fun LA shaggy-dog story that has blends fact and also fiction by inserting made-up characters right at the heart of real, horrible events and then daring history to do its worst. Entire sections of the film have a standalone confidence of their own. For example, when Brad Pitt’s character named Cliff turns up at the Spahn Ranch, the home of the Manson Family. He ends up there because he picks up a hitchhiker in his car who he fancies. That is the whole mood of the film. It is surely gleefully all over the place, like the two main characters darting all over the city, and yet totally together and somehow, meaningful too.

Sources: TimeOut.


Shop Review: Make Easier For Children! Get This Set of Sharpeners From Shopee!



Shopee is the new one-stop-shop where we can get all sorts of things we need. Even the ones we have never heard of! We have seen people buying groceries, housewares, and even plants from Shopee!

The stationeries are usually bought from Shopee too as they provide the stuff from overseas that seems to be very helpful to us. Today, we are sharing a local Shopee seller that sells an amazing set of sharpeners!

Pictures: BS Home Grocery Store on Shopee

BS HOME GROCERY STORE  with a rating of 4.9 out of 5 has 806 products on Shopee, as of today. In this shop, it offers a lot more than stationery. They have a wireless doorbell, sushi maker, and even cartoon glass. Shared by an account on TikTok, it shows a set of sharpeners that definitely would make our life easier.

@good_things_520Children’s school supplies ##goodthing ##learn

♬ Send It – Steve Aoki & Will Sparks

In the video, it shows a set of sharpener with a small vacuum cleaner, electric eraser, erasers for refill and batteries. The sharpener works to sharpen pencils and the electric eraser makes erasing any errors easier while the small vacuum cleaner will clean the dust from the erasers. Three of these items come in handy and you can get them from BS Home Grocery Store!

Sources: Shopee BS Home Grocery Store, TikTok @good_things_520 

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Shop Review: Easy To Use! These 5 Shopee Stores Sell Portable Washing Machines!



Recently, portable washing machines have increased in popularity especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. This is because portable washing machines are the most eco-friendly choice since they are powered by human labor rather than outside energy sources. They are usually the most budget-friendly option and the best fit for off-grid lifestyles or places where power outlets are not consistently available.

A portable washing machine is a great alternative for small space dwellers and for those who do not have access to permanent hot and cold water hook-ups. These mini machines are usually big enough to handle small t0 medium loads, say, a few bath towels, bedding, underwear or workout wear, even several pair of jeans. For an easy survey of portable washing machines, these are 5 Shopee stores that sell them.

1) Portable Washer XBP20-32

Shopee Link: Portable Washer XBP20-32

Price: RM139.00

Picture: Shopee

2) Semi-Automatic Portable 4.5kg Mini Dehydration Washing Machine

Shopee Link: Semi-Automatic Portable 4.5kg Mini Dehydration Washing Machine

Price: RM88.00

Picture: Shopee

3) Mini Portable Washing Machine GT-16AC

Shopee Link: Mini Portable Washing Machine GT-16AC

Price: RM179.00

Picture: Shopee

4) Xiaomi Moyu 2nd Gen Portable Mini Washing Machine

Shopee Link: Xiaomi Moyu 2nd Gen Portable Mini Washing Machine

Price: RM340.00

Picture: Shopee

5) Ultrasonic Turbine Washer

Shopee Link: Ultrasonic Turbine Washer

Price: RM72.08 – RM74.88

Picture: Shopee

Sources: Portable Washer XBP20-32, Semi-Automatic Portable 4.5kg Mini Dehydration Washing Machine, Mini Portable Washing Machine GT-16AC, Xiaomi Moyu 2nd Gen Portable Mini Washing Machine, Ultrasonic Turbine Washer.

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(Video) ‘Nagoro Doll Village’, A Mysterious Village Full With Dolls!



Nagoro or now known as Nagoro Doll Village is a village in the Iya Valley on the island of Shikoku in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. It is known for the large number of realistic dolls positioned throughout the village, which have made it a tourist attraction. The village is located on Route 439 in the Iya Valley, a remote mountainous area. It formerly had about 300 inhabitants, but the decline in Japan’s population has caused that to fall to 35 by January 2015, 30 as of August 2016, and also 27 by September 2019.

At first glance, most visitors to Nagoro Doll Village will see a sweet rural community of elderly residents spending their time blissfully tending to their gardens and fishing. When they decided to take a closer look, however, and they might be in for a scare. The villagers are actually dolls.

Nagoro is a slowly shrinking village located in the valleys of Shikoku, Japan. Populated by creepy dolls, it might make you question the reality. Its inhabitants left the village in a search of employment or died. More than 200 dolls inhabit the town. They’ve become loved by their human neighbors and are often celebrated by the community for bringing back fruitful memories of the past.

Eleven years ago, Tsukimi Ayano returned home to Nagoro. Faced with loneliness, she has populated the village with dolls, each representing a former resident. The dolls are all created single-handedly by Ayano Tsukimi. The local school is now filled with a few dozen dolls patiently waiting for class to begin. Made of straw, the bizarre dolls are dressed in old clothes.

Once working in the garden, Tsukimi made the first doll in the likeness of her father, and then she came up with the idea to replace the other family members with similar dolls. 10 years later, her work continues. Every doll is located in a place where she would resemble that person. So strolling along with the village you will find quite unique monuments either working in the field, fishing in the river, or simply sitting along the road and staring at you.

Sources: YouTube Tokyo Lens.

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