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Cat In Japan Acts Like A College Student And Sleep In Class

Many people who like cats can relate to how cats can ignore us. Cats are also well-known for their independent attitude. We also heard some stories of cats being hired at various places for being a hardworking worker.

But there are also cats that can be as lazy as they can. Cats can go straying and sleeping anywhere they want. They prefer to choose a safe and comfortable place for them to sleep. Sometimes they choose a place even we couldn’t imagine.

In Japan, a cat went viral for going to university and roaming around the campus.  The original tweet had gained almost 24,000 retweets. The tweet said, “A university cat with too much freedom.”

Other students later also shared the picture of the cat. The cat was seen to be hanging out and sleeping at every part of the campus. It acts so much like a normal student at the university.

The orange-white colored cat looked comfortable sleeping in various places such as on the table in the class, on a rock around the campus, in a cardboard box next to a printer, and on the garbage plastic.


Source: Twitter animalkyat, _nao_michi,

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