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4 Harmful Effects of Excessive Gadget Screen on Kids’s Eyes – Ministry of Health

Parents in this digital era nowadays tend to give their young children electronic devices since the early age of their life. The reason for them doing this is to distract their children from making noises when the parents wanted to do something important. This technique of giving handphones and also tablets to the children to make them distracted is not a recommended technique to be done. This will bring more negative consequences to the children.

Based on the posting form Ministry Of Health Malaysia on their Facebook page, they have discusses all the risks and negative consequences for giving children too much time to spend with handphones and tablets. They really took their time carefully to explain the different bad effects that the children would get in detail.

These are some of the bad health’s risks that the Ministry Of Health Malaysia mentioned:

1) Blurred Vision

The children’s vision level would be decreasing severely that eventually would cause the children to experience headaches and also double vision.

2) Dry Eyes

The unsuitable way and also the position of seating for the children when they are using the gadgets given to them will lead to dry eye problems, tired eyes and also pain at the shoulders and neck area.

3) Eye Nerve Damage

This health risk can be caused due to the children’s exposure to the blue light from gadget display screens. Even though UV rays can be filtered by the cornea, crystalline lenses in blue light could not be filtered and it will penetrate up to the level of the nerves of the eyes.

4) Increased myopia (Short-sightedness)

Usage of digital gadgets for too long also could cause the eyeball to stretch. This might happened because the accommodation process happened at the same time.

Sources: Facebook.

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