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“Shoot All You See”, Myanmar Soldiers Confess to Rohingya Massacre

We cannot deny the fact that the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar is a human rights issue. Some countries are “closing their eyes” to not concerning the issue.

The Rohingya genocide that started in 2016 had killed thousands of lives and chased the ethnic from their place. The motive of the ethnic cleansing is said to be Islamophobia. This had caused the Muslim ethnicity in the Rakhine state to fled and become refugees in other countries.

The authorities in Myanmar had been shutting their mouth from talking about the issue. However, two Myanmar soldiers finally confess their crimes to the International Criminal Court. The two men fled from Myanmar to taking part in a genocidal campaign against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslim minority that is conducted by the United Nations.

He confessed that he was ordered by the commanding officer to taking part in the massacre. In his video testimony, he was ordered to “Shoot all you see and all you hear,” by the officer that they had destroyed about 20 villages and dump dead bodies in a mass grave.

More than one million Rohingya refugees are sheltering in Bangladesh and also in a few other countries such as Malaysia. These two soldiers are the first insider witness in the custody in the court to regain justice for Rohingya.

The Myanmar civilian leader, Aung San Suu Kyi has denied the genocide against the Rohingya and failed to prevent the genocide to occur in the country. Her legacy as a Nobel Peace Prize winner has tarnished because of the genocidal crime.


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