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(Video) Crocodile Swimming Like Dolphin In Australia’s River

Australia, a man was checking crab pots in Bloomfield, on Queensland’s Cape York, when a large estimated 4.5m reptile appeared in the water alongside his boat. Known as Tommy, the crocodile had been swimming underneath Alec’s boat before broached the surface.


Can be seen in the video, the crocodile swimming like a dolphin alongside Alec’s boat which looks like it was chasing him.

Alec said, “He came up with this growl and locked eyes with me. I was only in a 3.5m tinny and he cruised right next to me. It was interesting,”.

“[Tommy] was gaffing it for that deep water. He was sizing me up and I thought he was going to go for the tinny, but lucky he didn’t,” he added.

David, Daintree River crocodile guide said the crocodile’s behavior was unusual, even dangerous. He said, “That’s an angry dive down, now one we usually see when they are just hiding. That’s a mad croc.”

One Reddit user wrote: “Always knew they could move really fast but never seen it. This is crazy.”

Australian Reptile park’s head of Reptiles, Daniel Rumsey, was not so wary of Tommy’s dipping and diving. “Crocodiles don’t usually breach when they’re moving fast like in the video,” he explained.

“When they’re in a predatory mode, they swim below the surface, barely making a ripple on the water. When they do come to the surface, they’re coming up for air. The croc in the video breaking the water’s surface could just be because of the speed that it’s moving. It could even be moving over a log underwater,” he added.

It said that adult crocodiles can reach a speed up to 20 kilometers per hour, they are ‘ambush predators and cannot sustain swimming at a fast speed for a long time.’ Tommy then started to slow down after Alec stopped the recording.

Source: Unilad

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