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5 Myths You Need to Stop Believing About Phone’s Battery And Charger



We are very particular in taking care of our phone. This is because our phone plays a big role in organizing our daily life. The most important thing about the phone to keep it functioning well is of course the battery. We sort of losing our life for that moment because we are cut off from the world.

There are several myths that we think could sustain the life of our battery which are actually wrong. Read up and analyze whether you have fallen into one of these myths.

Myth 1: I shouldn’t charge my phone overnight

We are aware of our phone could be overcharged. However, current technologies had prevented our phone from charging after it is full. Don’t worry to leave your phone to charge overnight as it will stop once it is full.

Myth 2: I need to charge my new phone fully before I use it

Not able to charge your new phone fully won’t affect its quality. Manufacturers or sellers are suggesting us to charge new devices fully so we will have a good impression on the first-time usage.

Myth 3: I shouldn’t charge my phone until it dies

Some of the older models have the issue of the batteries ‘forget’ their full capacity and they do not recharge to the same level as they were from the beginning. However, the issue has been solved by most brands and it is best to charge your phone before it reaches zero.

Myth 4: I should save money with an off-brand charger

A cheap charger might not have the standard voltage for it to fill your phone’s battery. In the worst cases, it could damage your battery. Instead of buying a cheap charger, spend some money to buy the manufacturer-certified charger.

Myth 5: Having Wifi searching is killing my battery

Your battery won’t drain too much when you turn on the Wifi. It does consume energy, but not that much of battery. You can just turn on the Wifi anytime you want.

Source: Reader’s Digest


Japanese Streetwear And Performance Collide For An ASICS GEL-1090™ Sneaker Collaboration



KUALA LUMPUR – 22 AUGUST 2021 – ASICS is excited to announce its latest partnership with renowned Japanese street fashion brand, BAPE. The two iconic brands have joined forces for the release of the GEL-1090™ sneaker, combining ASICS’ 2000s performance running aesthetic with timeless BAPE® graphic patterns and design sensibilities.

The GEL-1090™ running shoe from 2003 has been re-engineered with GEL™ technology cushioning for the modern consumer, and reimaged through the BAPE® lens, transforming the shoe’s heritage design with details reminiscent of the Harajuku scene in the early 2000s.

Familiar features from the GEL-1090™ sneaker’s original construction include the tiger claw marks on the toe overlays and heel counter. Meanwhile, the underlays and sockliner are updated with A BATHING APE®‘s eponymous cloud camo pattern.

The shoe’s medial panels are offset with the BAPE® shark icon, synonymous with the designs painted on the nose of fighter jets. Additionally, the ASICS Spiral logo on the tongue and heel have been converted into a tiger caricature as a nod to one of BAPE®’s historic logos.


The collection will be available on & from 22 August 2021 onwards.

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Shop Review: Electric Spin Scrubber That Helps A Lot! Useful To Clean Bathroom!



One of the busiest spots in your house, the bathroom is also the place almost every guest visits. Considering what we put them through each day, sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets in our own bathroom deserve special cleaning attention. For many people in this whole wide world, cleaning their bathroom is seen as such a tedious job to be done by them.

Luckily, a lot of modern inventions nowadays really help a lot of people to lighten the burden that they have to do. Cleaning a bathroom is also one of them. Recently, there is a particular piece of equipment that has gone viral that would really help so many people to clean their bathroom easily. This is what the equipment physically looks like.

Picture: Shopee

The above equipment is called CLOFY Electric Spin Scrubber. It has a 4000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and a charging cycle of more than 600 times. Charging only takes 4 hours and can be used for 75 minutes.

This item comes with four brush heads that is big ball brush, a round brush, a small ball brush, and a steel brush to help you clean the bathtub, tile, floor, bathroom, kitchen, glass, sink, wall, ceiling, window, car wheel, and much more!

The price is very affordable at around RM100 and can be purchased at Shopee.

Shopee Link: Rechargeable Electric Spin Scrubber Power Brush For Bathroom

Sources: TikTok Miss Zafirah, Shopee.

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(Video) How To Do It? Change Your Shopee Notification Sound!



Shopee is indeed one of the popular platforms that are often ‘visited’ by people to buy various goods. Undoubtedly, everyone will definitely download the application on their phones to facilitate purchase transactions.

One of the problems that are often encountered when downloading any application on the phone is getting a lot of notifications.

Maybe many do not know, there is a way to cover the noise and your life will probably be more peaceful after this. The way to turn off this sound is actually provided by Shopee itself in the Settings section.

A TikTok user, Hakim Yusoff, shared a way to turn off the sound or change it to another sound. Simply, you can follow the method as below:

1. Go to settings in Shopee
2. Click on the Notification Settings section
3. Press Push Notification
4. Press Notification Sound and press off
5. Press on Ringtone to change the sound

@hakim.yusoffsiapa dah rimas bunyi ni?

♬ Figurinha – Ao Vivo – Douglas & Vinicius

Sources: Hakim Yusoff

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