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Doraemon Ending’s Story “Stand By Me 2” Is Coming Out This 20th November



Since the release of “Stand By Me 1” that has attracted many people to be a fan of Doraemon series, a lot of people have been anticipating on what is the continuation of the movie. Many people really wanted to know what actually happens for the future of Doraemon, Nobita, and also other characters in the story. Worry no more, because the movie “Stand By Me 2” will be released on the 20th of November that will surely capture everyone’s interest.

Wow…semua ready nak menagis???Semua tertanya penamat doraemon..Stand By Me 2!! 😍😍Release date in Japan: 20 NovemberTrailer –

Posted by Ekmal Fujiwara on Wednesday, 7 October 2020


The cast of this particular movie would be based on the movie “Stand By Me 1″. It would be Wasabi Mizuta as the voice of Doraemon, Megumi Oohara as the voice of Nobita when he is a child, Yumi Kakazu as the voice of Shizuka, Subaru Kimura as the voice of Giant, and also Tomokazu Seki as the voice of Suneo.

The difference that would be between ” Stand By Me 1″ and also the “Stand By Me 2” would be that there are going to be extra characters in the latter and that are Nobita when he is an adult and also Nobita’s grandmother. The cast would be Satoshi Tsumabuki as the voice of Nobita when he is an adult and Nobuko Miyamoto as the voice of Nobita’s grandmother.

The story of this specific movie would be solely based on the franchise’s 2000 film and that comes with the title of “Doraemon: A Grandmother’s Recollections”. Other than that original idea, they also added the elements of the love story between Shizuka and also Nobita that was also present in the movie “Stand By Me 1”. This particular movie titled “Stand By Me 2” was original to be released on the 7th of August but got delayed because of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This is the trailer released for the movie “Stand By Me 2”:

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Myanmar: Protesters Stand Firm Despite Lethal Crackdown



YANGON, March 4 – Amid palpable fear in Myanmar following  a deadly crackdown on anti-coup protests, people continued to gather in several cities on Thursday, taking precautions to protect themselves from an increasingly violent military junta.

Wednesday marked the bloodiest day in the country since the military’s Feb 1 power grab, with at least 38 people killed when security forces opened re on demonstrators in various areas.

Citizens, wary of more aggression by authorities yet undeterred, were seen taking a different approach on Thursday, gathering in neighbourhoods instead of main protest sites.

In Yangon, major roads and streets were blocked with makeshift barricades and sandbags to keep security forces at bay.

“It would be a killing field if we are together in large crowds. Instead, we are gathering in our own areas; this means the junta will have to deploy troops across the city,” said a protester in Ahlone township.

Demonstrations are also taking place in other parts of the country, including Mandalay and Monywa, where several people died in Wednesday’s violence.

More than 100,000 people were part of demonstrations on Thursday, according to local news outlet Monywa Gazette.

In Yangon’s North Okalapa area, at least 22 people were killed by security forces on Wednesday.

Khin Zaw Win, director of Yangon-based think tank Tamadipa Institute, said troops “acted like they were in a battlefield” while confronting protesters in Yangon.

“Police personnel and soldiers did not follow any standard operating procedures. They shot people indiscriminately. At some point, they even broke into and looted shops and houses,” he told Anadolu Agency over the phone.

Hundreds of people were also reportedly arrested in Yangon, including four volunteer rescue workers who were helping injured protesters in North Okalapa.


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Twin Sisters Found Success In Mobile Gaming For Women



You have seen advertisements for games involving harems and dating simulations. That is the sub-genre for mobile games called ‘otome’, the Japanese word for a maiden.

Twin sisters, Anna, and Mizuki Nakajima have become multi-millionaires after their otome mobile game company rose on the stock market.

They combined stake in Coly, the firm they founded, and it launched to 15.2bn yen (RM570 million) last week.

Their games include Stand My Heroes and Promise of Wizard. They are free to download but include micro-transactions for extra storylines.

The market demand for otome games grew from 70 billion to 80 billion yen from 2019 to 2020.

Picture: Coly

The lack of software companies led by women means Coly’s success is a rarity and inspiration to women worldwide. The gaming industry has always been dubbed as a ‘boy’s club’ and the Nakajima’s success is highly unusual.

Serkan Toto, an analyst at Japanese gaming consultancy Kantan Games told the BBC, “The Nakajima twins did an exceptional job scaling their company so fast in such a hyper-competitive industry.”

According to business experts, it is still not easy to find your own way as a woman in the Japanese business world. Japan is a more male-dominated place.

With the Japanese anime style, Coly games rapidly grew in popularity, particularly in the US, China, and South Korea.

Source: BBC, Bloomberg

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LATEST: All Individuals Entering Sabah Must Have A Swab Test 3 Days Before Departure



The government through the National Security Council (MKN) Special Session decided that all individuals who will enter Sabah must undergo a swab test within 3 days before travel.

Senior Minister (Security Cluster), Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, said, only individuals with negative and non-symptomatic results are allowed to enter Sabah and there is no need to undergo quarantine.

Sources: BERNAMA TV, Twitter MINDEF Malaysia.

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