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Razer Credit Card With LED That Would Light Up When You Use It

There have been so many futuristic inventions nowadays as the world is getting more and more modern. Recently or even specifically on the 6th of October 2020, Razer has collaborated with Visa to come out with their brand new prepaid credit card that is creatively equipped with LED technology and it would light up when the user uses it.

Based on the recent press statement released by Razer Fintech, this is one of a kind digital payment solution because literally, anyone in this whole wide world can be able to use it as a virtual card. This brand new invention can be used for all the places that accepted Visa and most importantly the transactions would be without any subscription fee. Other than that, the users have the option to upgrade to a physical card by using their Standard or Premium offering.

The icing on the cake of this Razer Fintech latest invention would be the Premium Physical Card. This is because it is the first of its kind that has been equipped with LED that will light up every time the user wanted to make payment. Literally, the Razer logo on the card that will light up. Although it is not useful, it is such an aesthetic attraction to it.

According to the Razer Fintech official website, these are some unique features for the Razer Card:

  1. The only prepaid card that offers year-long cashback features on all transactions.
  2. Razer Card users can access the one of a kind gamified rewards experience via in-app system.
  3. Collaboration unlocks global acceptance of 61 million merchant locations for the users.
  4. Razer Pay users opt-in for a free virtual card and even upgrade to a physical card and that would include the Premium card that is the world’s first card that lights upon payment.
  5. Receive cashback for all payment purchases with:
    • 1 percent for purchases made across categories
    • Up to 5 percent on RazerStore and Gold purchases
    • No minimum spend and no capped limit for cashback (only prepaid card in Singapore with no capped limit for cashback)

Sources: Razer Press.

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