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The Reason Why ‘Hand Sanitizer’ Is Not Encouraged To Be Left In The Car Explained By Chemists

During this Covid-19 pandemic season, it is very sure that many of us who prioritize preventive measures to stay safe would always use disinfectant or even hand sanitizer. This is because hand sanitizer is easier to use on the go.

To avoid being infected with the coronavirus that has killed millions of lives around the world, hand sanitizer is now one of the items that should always be with us, especially when outside. Arguably, some of us will keep this hand sanitizer in the car if we forget to bring it and have to deal with high-risk places to get infected.

A little fact, did you know that keeping a hand sanitizer in the car can be very dangerous especially if it got exposed to direct sunlight. To confirm this fact, a chemist named Fatimah Salim has stated the explanation through a sharing on her Facebook where she has stated about the matter.

To find out more, follow the sharing as follows:

Someone asked, can hand sanitizer be left in the car?

The answer is NOT encouraged.
This is because most hand sanitizer contains more than 70% alcohol. Alcohol easily evaporates to the physical properties of the gas especially at high temperatures (heat in the car).

Alcoholic gas molecules trapped in hand sanitizer containers can reach high pressures and can cause explosions.

Although such explosive cases are rare, it is better to be vigilant.

The picture below is one example of an incident that happened.

Sources: Facebook Fatimah Salim, Facebook Siakap Keli.

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