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Two Children Were Found Alive While Parents Had Been Dead for 3 Days

A little girl and her baby brother in Russia were found alive in their home three days after the child’s parents died of poisoning pickles.

Concerned relatives felt strange after failing to contact Alexander and Viktoria Yakunin, whom they described as ‘perfect couples’.

It is understood that they did not attend the family reunion and when contacted, it was their five-year-old daughter who answered their phone call.

The child stated that his father, 30, and his mother, 25, had been ‘sleeping’ for a long time and added that his father had ‘turned all black’.

The girl is said to have taken care of her one-year-old brother at the time of the incident.

Alexander’s sister, Natalia Bakulina, hurried to their home in the Leningrad region of Russia. Once she was there, her nephew continued to open the door of the house.

“I ran in… .and saw everything. I fell down and screamed, ”she said.

The couple’s parents were reportedly found dead in their beds.

Following that, Natalia immediately contacted the police and emergency services, then prepared the couple’s children and continued to take them out of the house.

It was reported that food poisoning became suspected as the cause of the deaths.

It is understood Alexander was supplied with a bottle of homemade pickles by his grandmother the day before the incident. The jar containing the pickles was opened in the kitchen.

According to Mirror UK, it is suspected that botulinum toxin from the pickles is the cause of death.

The toxin can cause the body to become paralyzed even more can damage the respiratory system and subsequently death.

The couple’s neighbor, Mikhail Khomchenko, denied allegations of alcohol poisoning by stating that the couple did not consume alcohol.

“I have only positive feelings about them,” he said, stressing they were a “perfect couple”, he said.

The two children are reportedly now being cared for by Alexander’s father.

Source: Mirror UK

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