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(Video) Around 4,100 Employees In China Get Brand New Cars

Picture: Oddity Central

A company in China went viral around the world when it gave brand new cars as gifts to its 4,116 employees. The cars were given after the company called Jiangxi West Dajiu Iron & Steel Corporation successfully surpassed profit targets for the fifth consecutive year.

It is believed that the company has reported an increase in profits over the last five years. Because of that, the management wanted to do something special to thank the staff, so they decided to give each one a brand new car.

On October 1, the company made a big event to celebrate the success and rewarded its employees for their contribution regarding the yearly growth.

Of the 4,116 employees, 2,933 of them will get a Jiangling Ford Territory car while the remaining 1,183 employees will get a FAW-Volkswagen Magotan car.

Not just that, the company also will pay for the production of license plates for these vehicles, five-year auto insurance, and even vehicle taxes.

Source: Oddity Central, China Live

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