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(Video) English Lesson By Adibah Noor Regarding The Word “Thats Mean”

English language is one of the languages that is very easy and also fun to be learned by anybody. This language can be used in a various different ways according to the situation that we are in such as in daily conversations, formal events or even on social media platforms. Because of these, many people seem to be confused about how to use certain words. Recently, Adibah Noor has posted a video to enlighten many people about the particular word “Thats Mean”.

According to her video that she has posted on her official Twitter social media platform, she mentioned that people nowadays live to use the word “thats mean” which for them convey the meaning of “itu maknanya” and this is completely grammatically wrong to be used.

Some important details from Adibah Noor’s video:

1) The word “thats” is wrong because the correct spelling would be “that’s”

2) The definition of “that’s mean” is “itu adalah kejam”

3) The definition of “that means” is “itu maknanya”

All in all, the particular video really explained to everyone in Malaysia on how to use the word “that’s mean” and also “that means” which bring completely different definition.

Sources: Twitter Adibah Noor.

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