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(Video) Special Needs Man Who Can’t See Recites Braille Al-Quran So Beautifully Warms Everyone’s Heart

Not having the ability to see clearly does not stop this special needs man to beautifully recite the Al-Quran. The only difference is, this man reads from the Braille Al-Quran.

In the recent video posted on Muslims Of The World Instagram social media platform, people could see a white male reciting the Braille Al-Quran fluently and also beautifully.

Using his finger to touch the pages on the Braille Al-Quran, this man fluently recites the Surah Ar-Rahman. His finger and also his mouth work perfectly together to recite it.

His reciting is able to warm the heart of million citizens that are amazed at his effort to approach himself with the Al-Quran even though he has his own obstacles to face.

Sources: Instagram Muslims Of The World, Facebook Siakap Keli.

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