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11 Tips You Need To Know When Dealing With Poisonous Animals Like Snakes – Fire & Rescue Dept. Malaysia

Dealing with venomous animals such as snakes is indeed a dreadful moment for a person. Even so, you should not panic too much because there are ways that can be done to deal with the animal.

The Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia through a post on their official Facebook page has shared some important tips to handle poisonous animals. Here is the sharing:

Never do the following:

  1. Try to catch a snake if there are no skills.
  2. Try to injure and repel snakes with equipment.
  3. Try to drive away using the equipment.

What do you need to do?

  1. Call 999 for help.
  2. Observe the movement and direction of the moving snake.
  3. Close doors and windows to prevent snakes from coming out.
  4. Instruct family members or homeowners to leave immediately.
  5. Reduce movement in front of snakes.
  6. Identify the type of snake, length, color, and pattern on its body.
  7. Provide accurate information to the rescue team.

Picture: Ecology Asia

Source: The Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia

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