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19-Year-Old Wrestler Dies From COVID-19 After 48 Hours Tested Positive

Picture: Daily Mail

A teenage wrestler died of COVID-19 just a day after telling his mother that he was fine. 19-year-old Cameron Wellington from Walsall, West Midlands, was infected with the virus last Tuesday.

It is believed that the teenager was positive for the virus after his father Norman also contracted the virus.

His mother Jane is determined to send Cameron to Walsall Manor Hospital after worrying about his rapidly declining breathing by Wednesday night.

Picture: The Sun UK

At first, he had a cough but as his condition worsened on Thursday he was rushed to the hospital.

At the hospital, doctors found that Cameron’s oxygen levels had dropped and his breathing was slowing down. Jane was later called by hospital staff and told that Cameron “was not expected to last an hour”.

The surgeon performed surgery on the teenager’s lungs before he was taken to Glenfield Hospital in Leicester for further treatment from a specialist.

The operation began on the teenager’s heart on Thursday but he died shortly after, just two days after being confirmed positive.

The 19-year-old, also known as Cam, is a professional wrestler who started his training at an early age with Pro Wrestling Live.

His parents say that he has a bright career ahead of him. They also urge everyone to take this virus seriously.

“The whole situation has come as a massive shock to us.  Cam was overweight but he was fit and otherwise healthy. At first, Cam had a cough, but his condition quickly got worse. Cam was adamant he was fine but I could tell – the color was draining from him,” said Jane.

“We as a family are totally heartbroken and yet immensely proud of him. He put up a massive fight,” she added.

Jane also said that her son was in talks to travel to Japan to expand his career as a wrestler before the COVID-19 outbreak struck.

Source: Daily Mail, The Sun UK

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