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A Thief Punished In Public, Forced To Hang A Board Written ‘I Steal’



Due to the act of stealing, a man in South Sumatra was sentenced in public by being forced to wear a paper necklace with the words ‘Saya Copet (I Steal)’ around his neck.

According to Tribunnews, the incident happened after the man was caught stealing at Pasar Ilir 16, IT 1 Palembang District on November 17.

The man, however, was not taken directly to the police station for investigation. The people in the market urged him to swear in front of the audience not to repeat his actions.

His story went viral after a video and photo on social media showing a man standing on a chair with a paper necklace around his neck, before swearing in public.

Picture: Tribunnews

Also heard, the screams of a man believed to be a civilian there who warned of the consequences will be accepted by the suspect if the same incident is repeated.

Most citizens support the action to teach the suspect to repent of his actions. Ilir Timur 1 Police Chief, Hardiman confirmed that the incident took place in his province.

“It is true that the person was reported by the community to be suspected of stealing,” he said.

Hardiman said the sentence was given because the public urged the officer to make the alleged robber make a statement not to repeat his actions.

“Until that is done, but on the condition that after making a statement, the person is taken to the police for further investigation,” he continued.

To date, the suspect is still under investigation.

Source: Tribunnews


(Video) Meet Zanziman Ellie, A Man With A Condition Called ‘Microcephaly’




This Rwandan man named Zanziman Ellie willing to hikes several miles a day to avoid facing bullies that tortured him for his condition called microcephaly.

Microcephaly is a condition where the head (circumference) is smaller than normal. Microcephaly may be caused by genetic abnormalities or by drugs, alcohol, certain viruses, and toxins that are exposed to the fetus during pregnancy and damage the developing brain tissue.

The mother of Zanziman considered him a miracle after she had just lost five of her children in Rwanda – upset, she and her husband prayed to their God to give them a son, even saying that they wouldn’t mind an “abnormal child, as long as they don’t die.”

Nine months later, Ellie was born.

Originating from Rwanda, he is usually harassed by the villagers there because of his facial features. To escape the cruel villagers that bully him for being “different”, he hikes around 32 km a day.

While visiting Zanziman’s mother, she told that Zanziman is being mocked and criticized of almost every day.

Zanziman could not speak or communicate properly with the villagers, so he learned how to use his motor skills and runs away from the villagers to avoid getting himself getting bullied.

Having never been in school, Zanziman would travel around 236 km weekly and sometimes eat the grass from the jungle.

Zanziman is diagnosed with microcephaly, where the baby’s head is born much smaller than normal. This condition can lead to having learning difficulties or physical disabilities as they grow older. Usually, the baby would develop intellectual disabilities.

The scans during the pregnancy could pick up the signs of this condition, but there are no cure or treatment for it.

Microcephaly often happens to children whose mothers are affected by the Zika virus.

Ellie’s mother has been nothing but loving and caring for her son, but her situation has worsened and she now is struggling to bring food to the table.

A GoFundMe fundraiser has been set up to help this family eat and live properly. Click HERE if you want to donate to the family.

Source: Afrimax English, The Sun UK

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Creating Phenomena, Netflix Will Be Getting ‘Money Heist’ Korean Remake



Money Heist or even called The House of Paper is a Spanish heist crime drama television series created by Álex Pina. The series traces two long-prepared heists led by the Professor (Álvaro Morte), one on the Royal Mint of Spain, and one on the Bank of Spain.

The series was initially intended as a limited series to be told in two parts. It had its original run of 15 episodes on Spanish network Antena 3 from 2 May 2017 through 23 November 2017.

Good news for the fans because the popular series ‘La Casa De Papel’ or better known as ‘Money Heist’ will be adapted to the Korean version soon.

Negotiations for the production of this popular series have been made since June by the Korean production company, BH Entertainment together with the production of Content ZIUM. Recently, the reproduction of this series has been confirmed by Korean production.

According to reports, the series will later feature a plot that is almost similar to the original version only it will be made in Korea.

Álex Pina, the original producer of the series, said that he was very excited about the re-production of the Korean version of the ‘Money Heist’ series.

“Content from South Korea has attracted viewers from all over the world, just like the ‘Money Heist’ series. Therefore, we are very interested to see the potential of this series in the Korean version and I am very excited to see the response of this series there, “he said.

The series will be directed by Kim Hong-Sun, a director known for several popular dramas such as ‘Son: The Guest’, ‘Voice’, and ‘Black’. The screenplay for this series will be written by Ryu Yong-Jae and his team who have been involved with the tvN series entitled ‘Psychopath Diary’.

BH Entertainment, which has released dramas such as ‘A Single Rider’ and ‘Miss Baek’, will be the producer of this series with Content ZIUM, a production company that has produced a popular drama starring Park Seo-Joon entitled ‘Itaewon Class’ and other dramas such as ‘Go Back’, ‘Couple’ and ‘Run On’.

The news about the re-production of this drama turned out to be a positive response from fans of the ‘Money Heist’ series. Most of them are quite excited about the news and can’t wait to find out who the actors will be starring in this iconic drama series.

Sources: The Jakarta Post, My Drama List,

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Love to Eat ‘Latok’? These Are 5 Benefits People Needs To Know About It



If you visit Sabah, surely many tourists will not miss the opportunity to eat seafood and try some traditional foods there especially ‘latok’. Latok or its scientific name is Caulerpa Lentillfera which comes from the family chain of green algae or seaweed.

It is famous for its similar shape to green grapes. Sabah’s popular food is different in terms of color, which is dark green, sometimes olive green or bluish-green.

If you notice, this grape is widely used in foods such as sushi, soups, and salads. As in Sabah, this sea grape or latok is used as a side dish because of its salinity. Some people eat it with fish and some match it with mussels, tomatoes or green vegetables.

Containing a variety of nutrients and vitamins, latok actually provide many benefits in terms of a person’s body health. So, let see what are the benefits of it that many people do not know?

1. Produces Natural Collagen

Japanese Seaweed | SHIZUOKA GOURMET
Often touted as the main source of collagen, according to a study conducted by Dr. Mariani, this seaweed or sea grapes does not actually contain collagen. However, sea grapes actually contain high protein levels. Where this protein will produce as much as 25% collagen naturally when activated in the skin.

2. Helps  Eye Vision And Heart

Latok contains unsaturated fatty acids such as AA, LA, DHA, EPA, and ALA where it helps strengthen vision and memory. In addition, it can also reduce cholesterol in the body. For those who have symptoms of heart attack, these sea grapes are beneficial in increasing the elasticity of blood vessels and preventing cardiovascular diseases such as stroke, atherosclerosis, and heart attack.

3. Prevent Hypertension And Diabetes

Rich in calcium, potassium, and Vitamin C, sea grapes is very popular among patients with high blood pressure who want to lower blood pressure because it can stabilize blood pressure back to normal.

Apart from containing Vitamin C, sea grapes also work to control sugar levels in the body, prevent free radicals, and reduce complications for patients with diabetes.

4. Beautify Skin And Hair

Latok which contains fat, can produce cell membrane and increase elasticity to prevent a person from experiencing dry skin. Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, the sea grapes are capable of producing collagen and antioxidants where it becomes a natural cosmetic ingredient. These ingredients can help improve skin, hair, and slow down the aging process.

5. Prevent Obesity

Low in sugar content, these sea grapes are rich in calcium, zinc, iron, protein, Vitamin C, and unsaturated poly fatty acids are said to be safe and nutritious foods. Suitable to be taken in the diet for those who want to lose weight or are overweight because the sea grapes can help you control your eating patterns.

Although these sea grapes provide various benefits to the health of the body but do not take it lightly because the salt content in the sea grapes is very high. Take it regularly to prevent you from any health risks.


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