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Indonesian Meteorite Millionaire Cheated After Selling Potential $1.7Mill Meteorite For RM54,000



Recently, there is news regarding a  34-year-old man in North Sumatra who sold a particular meteorite that has smashed through his roof for the price of RM7.6 Million. Later, he felt so disappointed when he found out that he could have received in a total of 100 times compared to the sum he just received. This is because the discovered meteorite is actually worth more than that. Joshua Hutagalung who is the man that found the space rock honestly said that he felt so cheated after has sold the rock to the United States meteorite expert that is Jared Collins.

It is such devastating news for him because he sold the meteorite to Jared Collins for a much cheaper price than its true value. Other than that, he also refutes all the reports from foreign media that has labeled him as a sudden multimillionaire after making the sale. Joshua Hutagalung said, “I have spent all the RM7.6 Million I got from selling the meteorite to Collins on helping my family and orphans, building a church, and repairing my parents’ graves”. He does not use the money for his own advantages. That is why he does not like it when people called him a millionaire.

According to a statement, part of the meteorite that has been found had been put up for sale on eBay for around RM4100 per gram. Jared Collins then shipped the space rock to America, where it was bought by Jay Piatek who is a doctor and also meteorite collector from Indianapolis. Jared Collins said, “It was in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, and frankly, it was a toss-up between buying the rock for myself or working with scientists and collectors in the US”. He also added, “I carried as much money as I could muster and went to find Joshua, who turned out to be a canny negotiator”.

Joshua Hutagalung was very surprised to know that the price of the meteorite he had discovered could sell much more than he received now. He stated, “If that’s true, I’ve been lied to and I’m disappointed”. He also admitted that he had sold only 1.8 kilograms of the total 2.2 kg of the space rock. Joshua had divided the remaining with him and his family members and said he would not sell the stone despite its value. He also added, “Let it be a memento”.

Sources: The Jakarta Post.


Be Careful When Driving During The Flood Season – Follow These Tips By JPJ



We as Malaysians are advised to always be careful during the flood season. This is because we do not want unwanted incidents to happen especially related to life.

Drivers who drive vehicles during the flood season are also advised to take precautions.

To prevent any incidents such as accidents during the flood season, the Road Transport Department Malaysia (JPJ) has released some driving tips during the flood season.

Here are some tips:

1) Maintain low gear – 1 for manual cars, while D2 for auto cars and maintain during driving in floodwater.

2) Limit the speed between 5 to 15 km / h and distance your vehicle from the vehicle in front.

3) Find alternative routes and avoid areas flooded.

4) After the flood, dry the brakes. The way to dry the brakes is to drive slowly (limit to 10-15 km / h) while pressing the brake pedal and oil. This will produce heat that accelerates the drying of the brakes. When you feel a little grip, test the brake at a speed of 20-25 km / h. Repeat the process until you get a satisfactory grip.

Source: JPJ

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LATEST: RON95, RON97 Petrol Prices Up 1 Sen, Diesel Up 4 Sen



The retail price of RON95 and RON97 petrol will go up by one sen per litre while that of Diesel, up by four sen per litre for one week period starting midnight tonight.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Finance, based on the weekly retail pricing of petroleum products using the Automated Price Mechanism (APM) formula, the new price per litre for RON95 is RM1.90, RON97 (RM2.20), and Diesel (RM2.09).

It is said the government will continue to monitor the trends of global crude oil prices and take appropriate measures to ensure the continued welfare and wellbeing of the people.

Sources: MOF.

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Japan Might Cancel 2021 Olympic Games Due To Coronavirus




Japan allegedly planned to postpone the 2021 Olympics due to coronavirus in sobering news after yesterday’s inauguration festivities.

The Times announced on Thursday, January 21, that the Japanese government has “privately concluded” to cancel the already postponed 2021 Olympics due to increasing cases of COVID-19 worldwide.

Japan is trying to find a “face-saving way” to announce the decision that also “leaves open the possibility of Tokyo playing host at a later date,” according to the article written by Richard Lloyd Parry.

Japan’s current focus is to host the games in Tokyo in 2032, the next available year, which was originally scheduled to start on July 24, 2020, and then rescheduled to start on July 23, 2021.

“No one wants to be the first to say so but the consensus is that it’s too difficult,” a source told Lloyd Parry. “Personally, I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

The International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.) will, however, beg to differ from now on. The I.O.C. issued a statement earlier the same day saying that this summer the 2021 Olympics will go ahead as scheduled.

“We have, at this moment, no reason whatsoever to believe that the Olympic Games in Tokyo will not open on 23 July in the Olympic stadium in Tokyo,” said I.O.C. president Thomas Bach.

“This is why there is no plan B and this is why we are fully committed to make these Games safe and successful.” While Back was firm about the 2021 Tokyo Olympics happening, he did hint at potentially reducing the number of spectators as well as employing other precautions in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

“The priority is the safety,” Bach told Kyodo News. “When it comes to safety, then there can be no taboo.”

The I.O.C and Japanese Olympic organizers have openly sought to ensure that the 2021 Olympic Games will take place, with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga calling the upcoming Olympics “a proof of human victory against the coronavirus.”

But senior I.O.C. member Dick Pound cast some doubt as to whether the event will actually take place, stating, “I can’t be certain because the ongoing elephant in the room would be the surges in the virus.”

Source: Vulture

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