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Malaysian Famous Food Artist Shares Creative Recipe For Kids On IG

Samantha Lee is one of the most well-known food artists in Malaysia. This beautiful lady really loves to prepare and create various different menus that are so special and also unique especially a menu that will easily attract children. Fortunately, her one of kind creativity to make all the menus do not just attract only children but the adult as well.

Food art or even culinary art is actually the art of preparing, cooking, and also presenting food in the most creative ways that the artists know. The idea of food art probably popped up due to the amalgamation of varied food cultures making way for creative uses of different ingredients and also foods that they have during that time.

Samantha Lee is a graduate of Le Cordon Blue in the culinary field. Her cooking technique from the start until the end is so perfect and always on top. She is absolutely talented in what she is doing. These are some of her stunning creations.

Sources: Instagram Samantha Lee.

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