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Should Never Throw Away The Pasta Water

Pasta lovers do not immediately tipping the leftover water down the drain.

The starchy water can actually be put to good use. Here are five ways it can benefit your home and yourself.

1. Plants

That content makes it helpful for growing plants and flowers, so use it to water the garden.

2. Dough Pizza & Bread

This pasta stew water retains some flavor and starch, which gives it a unique flavor when you use it to do bread or pizza dough at home. This boiled water can also be used to make broths or soups to give extra flavor.

3. Washing the dishes

You may not know this boiled water can be used in washing dirty dishes. This boiled water will not make your dishes difficult to wash and even the starch found in this water acts as a natural cleaning agent.

Soak your dirty dishes a while with this boiled water for a while before rinsing them.

4. Foot pain

No more need to massage sore feet using massage oil. You can use this boiled water by soaking the feet.

Heat this boiled water and put it in a container and wait until it becomes warm. After that, soak your feet for a while. The warm taste combined with the minerals from this boiled water provides relief and relieves pain.

5. Shampoo

When you go out of the house, suddenly the hair does not shine and is vibrant? Do not worry after this, your hair will return to normal. You can take this decoction and soak the hair in it for 10 minutes. After that, you can shampoo your hair as usual. Do it 2-3 times a week to see its effectiveness.


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