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Terengganu Floods: Number Of Evacuees Continues To Rise



KUALA TERENGGANU, Nov 25  — Kemaman became the latest district to be hit by floods in Terengganu with the number of evacuees in the state continue to increase to 690 people from 184 families as of 8 am today compared to 389 people (94 families) recorded last night.

Currently, there are 23 temporary relief centers (PPS) operating statewide and Dungun recorded the highest number of PPS at seven locations which housed 131 people from 34 families, compared to only 69 people from17 families placed in four PPS previously.

Terengganu Disaster Management Committee Secretariat chief, Lt Col (PA) Che Adam A Rahman said that in Setiu, two more PPS were opened bringing the total number of PPS in the district to six which accommodated 125 people from 40 families compared to 69 people from 17 families who were sheltered at four PPS last night.

“There has been a slight increase in the number of evacuees in Kuala Nerus at 206 people from 52 families compared to 156 people from 32 families previously and they are housed at four PPS.

“Similar development in Kuala Terengganu where the number of evacuees increased slightly to 101 people from 27 families compared to 53 people from18 families reported last night and they are currently placed at two PPS,” he told reporters today.

In Marang, the number of those seeking shelter at three PPS has also increased to 90 people from 21 families compared to 33 people from seven families last night.

Che Adam said that currently only one PPS operating in Besut to accommodate 10 people from five families while in Kemaman, there was also only one PPS to house 27 people from five families thus far.

“This latest data shows that all districts in Terengganu have been affected by floods except in Hulu Terengganu. However, the residents there are advised to be vigilant with the current weather changes,” he said.

The data provided by the Department of Irrigation and Drainage shows that reading at Sungai Setiu at the Jambatan Permaisuri is at 9.33metres (m), which is above the danger level of 8.80m; while Sungai Nerus in Kampung Langkap records a reading of 20.98 m, which is above the warning level of 20 m.

The other three rivers in Kemaman, Hulu Terengganu and Marang have also exceeded the alert level.

Sources: BERNAMA


“My Family And I Are Tested With COVID-19 Virus, 31 of My Family Members Are Infected ..,” – Azizan Osman



Motivation Expert, Datuk Azizan Osman today has confirmed that he was infected with the COVID-19 epidemic after in close contact with a patient on the 7th of January.

Through an update on his social media page, he said that 31 other members of his family were also infected. What is also sad is that his mother-in-law died due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sharing further, Azizan described the incident that befell him as something very heavy and painful to bear.

“COVID-19 almost took my life! (At) 1.44 pm, Friday 15 January – I was almost dead! My breath is tight! The doctor said my chances were slim! But something happened that proved the power of Allah SWT.

“My family and I were tested for the COVID-19 virus. (A total of) 31 members of my family were infected with COVID-19 and my mother-in-law has passed away. It is not easy for me to share how sad, painful, and horrible it was at that time. But it is very important for me to share as a mentor, I want you to know this process, “he said in the entry, on Thursday.

Azizan, who is also the founder of RichWorks International, added that he almost shed tears when sharing this, but the support of family members and friends made him more resilient. “That is the decisive moment to go or stay… you can not breathe, you can not pull, you can not breathe just use the machine to continue to survive and fight with the brain, emotions, and self.

“You want to live? Do you want to fight? That is the time… And God willing, this is the time for me to fix everything. This second opportunity is not just for fun.

“I believe there is a reason for God for this opportunity for me to do everything better, and be a better mentor,” he added. At the same time, Azizan described the COVID-19 pandemic, not only has affected the lives of many people in continuing their survival but also affected it. “A mother who steals medicine for her children, some are looking for sustenance in the garbage.

“The government is looking for a total lockdown that will have an impact on the jobs of many people and businesses. Emotional stress and more in the current news. This is all enough to affect me how I have not helped my nation to succeed,” he said. It is understood that Azizan has now recovered from the epidemic.

Sources: Instagram Dr. Azizan Osman.

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“Yes, My Shareholding Is Small. It Is Impossible…” – ‘Boss Susu’, Azmi Zainal



Recently, the chief operations officer of Farm Fresh, Azmi Zainal, became the talk of Malaysians after a topic that linked him to a local dairy company went viral on social media.

After realizing the matter went viral, Azmi came forward to give a statement on the matter through a post on his Facebook page this morning.

Recently, the owner of Fram Fresh, Azmi Zainal, became the talk of Malaysians after a topic that linked him to a local dairy company went viral on social media.

After realizing the matter went viral, Azmi came forward to give a statement on the matter through a post on his Facebook page this morning.

“Yes, my shareholding is small. It is impossible for a person who is already down in business and trading in the night market to have a lot of money to own a large stock. Investment in the dairy industry is hundreds of millions.

“After 11 years, the value of the company has multiplied due to our hard work. Alhamdulillah, the value of the small share has become a million,” explained Azmi who is also called Boss Susu.

Although his shareholding is not large in the enterprise, Azmi however explained that his biggest success was to create jobs and business opportunities for Malaysians.

Throughout his involvement with the dairy company, Azmi explained that they have created hundreds of job and business opportunities, especially for the rural people.

“Not only as an operator or herdsman, we managed to raise many rural children in Muadzam Shah to become professional laborers. We train and educate them, ”he explained.

“Alhamdulillah, they are getting better and more committed to developing their company and place of birth. And 80% of them are Muslim Malay … my nation, and not Australia.

“I am proud to be able to talk to my children when we meet and how their father is trying to increase the income of the B40 group.

I also thank those who continue to support me and the Farm Fresh company … only Allah can repay your kindness,” he added.

Source: Azmi Zainal


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M. Nasir’s Father Passed Away At The Age Of 96 In Singapore



Famous singer, Datuk M. Nasir has recently lost his father, Mohamed Sam who breathed his last breath in Singapore around 7.30 this morning. Allahyarham Hj Mohamed Bin Sam passed away at the age of 96 due to old age at his residence.

The sad news was confirmed by M. Nasir’s wife, Datin Marlia Musa, through a post on Instagram.

“Our beloved father Hj Mohamed Bin Sam has returned to Rahmahtullah this morning .. May Allah shower His mercy ..,” said Datin Marlia Musa.

Through the same post, it is seen that many Malaysians are also sad and offer their condolences regarding the sad news.

May the soul of Allahyarham be showered with blessings and placed among the believers. Al Fatihah


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Sources: Instagram Marlia Musa.

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