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(Video) Inspiring Young Man And His Friend Who Took The Effort To Clean Waterfall Area From Garbage

The awareness to take care of the cleanliness for many places especially recreational places for the public should be enforced in everybody’s life and also common sense. Things like this should be taught towards any individual since they are at such a young age. To make sure that these children learn the importance of keeping places clean, the adult has to play their role and make sure that they also do the right thing by keeping clean the places that they went to. This also could help not only just human but also all the living things in the environment to live safely.

Related to the issue of keeping recreational places clean, a Twitter user named “LAMI” has posted a video on the 4th of November 2020 showing that he and his friend did a certain mission that is very important towards the environment. The particular mission mentioned was to pick up all the garbage that people have left behind at the waterfall area in Bidor, Perak.

According to the Twitter user whose real name is Hazlami Zharif, he and his friend Muhammad Azalizan went there with just one purpose. The sole purpose was to spend their leisure time at the waterfall. Unfortunately, they had to cancel their plan after seeing so many garbage being littered everywhere. They decided to clean up all the garbage there.

The 1-minute duration video shows that both of them had fun while doing the mission that they have to suddenly do. The purpose of the video being made is also to educate other people about the importance of keeping places clean.

It is actually important for all of us to make sure that our environment stays clean and free from the garbage. This is such an easy thing to do. You do not even have to take care of other people’s garbage, you can just make sure that you take care of yours. If you just had your own activity at a waterfall area, park, picnic area, or any place that you went, remember to clean back all the mess and garbage that you have made and litter them in the proper garbage bin.

Sources: Twitter LAMI.

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