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Woman Found Hidden Camera Disguised As Charger During Airbnb Stay



According to, more than half (58%) of the 2,000 Americans recently surveyed who have stayed in an Airbnb said they worry about Airbnb hidden cameras. And 11% said they’ve actually discovered at least one.

Airbnb’s policy states: “Our Standards & Expectations require that all members of the Airbnb community respect each other’s privacy. We require hosts to disclose all security cameras and other recording devices in their listings, and we prohibit any security cameras and other recording devices that are in or that observe the interior of certain private spaces (such as bedrooms and bathrooms), regardless of whether they’ve been disclosed.”

However, recently a tweet went viral about hidden cameras being installed in a Airbnb and disguised as a charger.

Under the username @alexundone, she mentioned that she noticed that something was off. She remembered a viral post about hidden cameras. Once she grabbed the charger, she noticed it was actually a hidden camera in the living room.



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**update: his listing has been removed** My worst nightmare— Last Friday I was ready to kick up my feet and dive into a good book. I had been working all day so I ran a hot bath, ate, then headed towards the living room. To my horror I found a hidden camera in my @airbnb disguised as a phone charger. The only reason I even knew what it was is because years ago a video went viral when a young model warned other womxn about creepy photographers using them in bathrooms , changing areas etc. The police told me it was a gray area. It didn’t matter that he hadn’t disclosed this information to me or on his listing. It didn’t matter that he possibly saw me naked. It was his house , and if I’m naked in the “common areas” then that’s on me 🙃 According to Airbnb: “Airbnb does not permit security cameras or recording devices in private spaces, regardless of disclosure to guests. We require that hosts include this information in their listing descriptions, photos, and photo captions. Users found to be in violation of this policy may be suspended or deactivated.” As of today, Brian Medenwaldt’s listing is still active. It’s hard to feel safe, especially as a womxn when there are no real consequences. My privacy was violated and used for God only knows what. My peace of mind was robbed and I won’t even allow myself to think how much worse this could have been had my daughter been with me. Please protect yourselves because these systems won’t. Know what a hidden camera looks like, and thoroughly check the spaces you rent. Please share , repost , and spread the word. Thank you to my friends and loved ones that held me down and emotionally supported me through this. Love y’all 💕

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When she contacted the police on October 27th, she was told that officers weren’t able to do anything because it was a “gray area” being that the camera was in a common area. If the camera was in the bathroom or bedroom it would’ve been different. Alexandra exclusively told us that officers told her they couldn’t do anything because she wasn’t on the lease, and it’s not her house.

She also advises anyone especially women who may potentially book through Airbnb should always check their surroundings and be careful.

Source: Twitter @MRCRUZX1

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SPM, STPM 2021 Candidates Will Be Vaccinated With Pfizer-BioNTech From July – Khairy



KUANTAN, June 18  — The candidates for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) and Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STPM) 2021 will be vaccinated with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine starting next month, said National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme Coordinating Minister Khairy Jamaluddin.

The vaccine shots will be administered at schools that will be used as vaccination centres (PPV), he said.

“We will start giving the vaccine to them in July as a preparation before they return to school later,” he told a press conference after attending the Pahang-level COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) meeting here today.

Also present were Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail and state Secretary Datuk Seri Dr Sallehuddin Ishak.

Yesterday, Senior Education Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin said the COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) has agreed to the Education Ministry’s (MOE) proposal that students sitting for major examinations this year be given the priority to be vaccinated.

Radzi said this was due to the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency’s (NPRA) approval of the use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for children aged 12 and above.

Sources: BERNAMA

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Safawi Apologizes For ‘Unpleasant’ Goal Celebration Against Thailand



KUALA LUMPUR, June 18 — National winger Muhammad Safawi Rasid has apologized for the way he celebrated after scoring the goal that saw Malaysia beat Thailand 1-0 in their final Group G match in the second round of the 2022 World Cup/2023 Asian Cup Qualifiers on Wednesday.

The Johor Darul Ta’zim (JDT) mainstay, who was also named the country’s Most Valuable Player at the National Football Awards for two straight years in 2018 and 2019, has given an assurance that he would not repeat the “unpleasant” goal celebration.

“Alhamdulillah, grateful and thank you to all the supporters who are always behind us. I apologize for the celebration that was not very pleasant. It will not be repeated, sorry one more time,” he tweeted.

In the match against Thailand, Muhammad Safawi, 24, who took to the field as a second-half substitute, emerged as the hero when he slotted home from the penalty spot to help the Harimau Malaya tame the War Elephants 1-0 at the Al Makhtoum Stadium in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

It was his third goal in the qualifying campaign, having scored a brace in the 2-0 win over Indonesia at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil in November 2019.

However, some fans deemed his behaviour in celebrating the 52nd-minute goal against Thailand as being over the top, especially since he has not been performing up to par so far this season.

Muhammad Safawi had, after scoring, sprinted to the corner flag while pretending to press a keypad before putting his index finger to his lips.

Sources: BERNAMA

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(Video) Lucky Them! These States Lifted Up Most Covid-19 Restrictions After Achieving Vaccination Milestones



California and also New York are the two states that imposed strict COVID-19 measures throughout the pandemic and also were among the hardest hit have recently lifted most restrictions on the 15th of June to much fanfare. They had lifted virtually all coronavirus restrictions on businesses and social gatherings as both states hit milestones in vaccinating their residents.

Most states have lifted all or most of their COVID-19 restrictions, with remaining measures typically involving mask use for unvaccinated residents. Among those states that haven’t yet, Washington is set to lift all restrictions by the 30th of June and Maryland and Michigan by the 1st of July. New Mexico is set to end restrictions by the 1st of July.

@newyorkbucketlistNew York has lifted all COVID restrictions! Thank you to all of our heroes ❤️ Shot on a @flynyon 🚁 tonight by Bucket Listers

♬ Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down – Alicia Keys

In New York, where 70 percent of adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine, the order from Governor Andrew Cuomo means that restaurants will no longer be forced to space tables 6 feet apart, movie theatres will be allowed to pack their auditoriums without spacing seats apart and entrance to commercial buildings would not require a temperature check.

In California, the most populous state and the first to implement a stay-at-home order, that meant the end of a county-level, color-coded system that guided capacity limits and other mitigation measures. Venues, restaurants, and bars can now operate at 100% capacity, indoors and out.

Even with the restrictions lifted, California and New York residents should still expect to see some signs of pandemic life. Both states will still abide by mask guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which has advised that unvaccinated people should wear masks indoors and maintain social distancing.

Sources: New York Times, TikTok New York Bucket List.

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