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‘Dog Kennel’ Satellite To Precisely Give Data On Ocean Observations



The new satellite, which will become the main orbital instrument, is in excellent shape for monitoring sea-level rise. Just three weeks ago, Sentinel-6 “Michael Freilich” was introduced, and it is already mapping ocean features in exquisite detail.

A joint venture between Europe and the US is the dog kennel-shaped spacecraft.

In a sequence of missions that have been calculating sea-surface height since 1992, this is its latest version.

These earlier satellites have shown unequivocally that oceans are rising globally over the 28-year period at a rate of over 3 mm per year with an increasingly evident in the last decade.

Officials of the space agency published sample data on Thursday to demonstrate progress in commissioning Sentinel-6 and its main altimeter payload of observation.

This is an instrument that fires pulses down to Earth from the microwave and then counts the time it takes to absorb the return signal, turning it into an elevation.

Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich is readied to fly to Vandenberg for launch - The Daily Guardian

The data is usually viewed as a “waveform” in which the strength of the return signal traces the height and roughness of the sea surface (wave height and wind speed).

But sample data was given special processing for Thursday’s mission update to create an image that would be more identifiable to the lay observer.

A coastal lagoon in northeast Russia, a place is known as Ozero Nayval, was the goal.

The Sentinel-6 altimeter was able to pick out surface details in this area that could never have been observed by versions of the instrument flown on the earlier satellites.

Partial ice cover in the lagoon, small wetlands, a nearby river, and wave activity immediately offshore included these data.

“This is the best altimeter in space – no question,” Dr. Craig Donlon, the Sentinel-6 mission scientist at the European Space Agency, told BBC News.

“This image is a super demonstration of the fidelity of the radar altimeter and the ultra-low noise of the instrument’s digital back end. It’s very beautiful, very coherent. In a noisy altimeter, you wouldn’t see hardly anything.”

One of Sentinel-6’s great promises and its new high-resolution capabilities is that it will explain what is happening right up to shorelines at sea levels.

Because of the effect of local winds, river outflows, and the shape of the seafloor, the behavior next to the land can vary from what happens further out to the sea. But it’s right on the coast, of course, where so many people live.

Of the 23 global mega-cities, fifteen are situated on the coast.

Indeed, up to two times faster than inland areas, coastal regions are evolving and urbanizing. Sentinel-6 is currently being relocated to a position 1,336 km above the surface of the Earth where it can track 30 seconds behind its predecessor satellite, Jason-3.

The aging Jason-3 platform will be relocated to a separate path once their altimeters have been cross-calibrated, and Sentinel-6 will assume the lead measurement role, a task it will perform before a follow-on Sentinel is launched in five years’ time.

“Sentinel-6 can really help us to detect early on which sea-level rise scenario we are heading for,” said Dr Jochen Hinkel, a senior researcher at the Global Climate Forum and a member of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

“This can help us to a better time and also more efficiently design coastal infrastructure. This will save us billions of US dollars per year.”

Source: BBC


Want To Pay ‘Zakat Fitrah’? Try Doing It Online Using Shopee



It is an obligation for Muslims all around the world to pay ‘Zakat Fitrah’ when the holy month of Ramadan has finally arrived. ‘Zakat Fitrah’ is a charity taken for the poor a few days before the end of fasting in the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Every Muslim is required to pay ‘Zakat Fitrah’ at the conclusion of the month of Ramadan as a token of thankfulness to God for having enabled him or her to observe the obligatory fast.

There are actually so many ways on how to pay ‘Zakat Fitrah’ nowadays in this modern world. Other than paying ‘Zakat Fitrah’ directly towards the person who is responsible to collect it, people also could pay it by using online banking such as Maybank. There is also one more alternative that can be used to pay it and that is using Shopee.

Picture: Shopee

The rate of zakat fitrah is different based on the provisions of the Religious Authorities of the States. This different particular rate will be displayed when you pay zakat fitrah and select your state zakat body in Shopee. There are actually so many benefits that could be obtained when people pay their ‘Zakat Fitrah’ through Shopee such as:

  • Zakat payment is now easier with various payment methods via ShopeePay, debit cards, online banking, and cash payments at 7-Eleven.
  • Zakat payments can be made quickly and securely from home or wherever you are with the Shopee app.
  • The zakat collected will be channeled to zakat institutions that work with Shopee to ensure that your contribution is distributed to eligible recipients.

These are 6 simple steps on how to pay ‘Zakat Fitrah’ just by using Shopee:

  1. Launch the Shopee application and then choose the particular option of “Deals, Top-Ups & Bills”. Then, click on the “Zakat Fitrah” icon to directly transported to the ‘Zakat Fitrah’ page.
  2. Select the Zakat Institution of your choice, Fitrah Rate and enter the Number of People (Self / Dependent). Then, click Continue.
  3. Complete your IC Number, Full Name, Email Address, Telephone Number and Address. Make sure your information is complete and correct. Then, click Continue to pay.
  4. Own ShopeePay as your payment method. Guaranteed fast and smooth. In addition, you can pay by debit card, online banking or cash payment at 7-Eleven. Before payment, state your Zakat Fitrah Intention and click ‘OK’.
  5. After the payment has succeeded, click ‘View Order Details’ to view zakat payment order details.
  6. Lastly, click the “Download Confirmation Of Zakat Fitrah Payment” to see proof of Shopee payment in your app.

Sources: Shopee.

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(Video) Don’t Know How? Here Is How To Actually Use Costa Coffee Machine To Get Iced Drinks



Costa Coffee Machine is definitely one of the well-known alternatives that many people in this whole wide world use to get their caffeinated beverages. People could easily obtain hot or even cold beverages from this particular Costa Coffee Machine. Specifically in Malaysia, these machines usually are spotted in a petrol station. It is such a strategic location to put that machine because people could get their coffee after a long drive on the road.

Actually, there are still many people out there who still do not know how to purchase their desired beverages using the Costa Coffee Machine. Worry no more, because there is a video got posted on the TikTok app by an account named petron_nkve giving a brief and easy lesson on how to order iced drinks from the particular machine.

@petron_nkveCara guna mesin Costa Coffee. Selamat mencuba 🥰 #petronnkveklbound #petron #costacoffee #coffee #fyp #learnontiktok

♬ LOTUS FLOWER BOMB x YRN – Michael Napiza

These are the steps on how to purchase Iced Drinks from Costa Coffee Machine:

  1. Grab a cup from the side of the machine.
  2. Dispensed some ice from the machine.
  3. Go to the next machine that making the beverages.
  4. Touch ‘Start’.
  5. Choose your desired beverages.
  6. Take the printed receipt.
  7. Pay at the counter.

It is actually such an easy process to order beverages from the Costa Coffee Machine. The process also takes such a short time before you can finally enjoy your delicious and refreshing beverages.

Sources: TikTok petron_nkve

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Shocking! This Cute Girl Is Actually A Man In His 50’s Playing With FaceApp!



With the recent coming outs of beautiful female YouTubers who are actually men, internet celebrities seem less and less trustworthy. On top of that, recently a 53-year-old man revealed himself to be behind the face of a pretty woman in her 20s.

A popular application, FaceApp contains the switch gender option. This means that you can see what you would look like as the opposite gender. One Japanese man took advantage of that function to create an online persona by transforming himself into an attractive, realistic-looking young girl. He managed to build quite an impressive following on social media with ‘his’ looks. This shows how much netizens respond to beautiful women.

The 53-year-old man, who describes himself as ‘addicted to FaceApp’. He spends his free time taking selfies, editing them, and uploading them on his social media profiles.

However, unlike the other ‘impostors’ this man is actually up-front from the beginning about his true identity.

“I’m an uncle in his 50s who usually works from home,” the man wrote on Instagram.

Despite the man’s openness, he got mixed reactions. Some were not pleased. While others praised the man’s skills in figuring out all the settings on FaceApp to achieve this degree of realism.

Picture: INF

The 53-year-old FaceApp addict started uploading photos on Instagram last summer, and he currently has over 13,000 followers there, plus another 7,100 on Twitter.

Source: Oddity Central, INF, Zaitaku_iyada

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