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(Video) Man Attracts Employer’s Attention By Displaying CV On Top Of His Car

Picture: Max Fosh

We all know that there will always be competition to get a job offered and it is certainly difficult with the presence of many candidates.

However, unlike this Youtuber who made a difference in showing his CV on the roof of his car.

Max Fosh, a Youtuber, wishes to get a job in the BBC’s Radio 1, but he used a totally different approach to that. Interestingly, the young man displaying and pasting his CV on the roof of his Volkswagen Up car.

Not just that, he also includes a QR code on his car that will go leads to his video on Youtube about him talking to the company BBC Radio 1 to approach them for a position there.

It turned out that the strategy was successful. The existence of his car in the compound of the BBC building mixed with the tweet he uploaded on Twitter was not only noticed by the employees of the media company involved but also got the attention of the Head of BBC Radio 1 himself, Aled Haydn Jones.

Aled then responded to Max’s tweet by sharing a video informing him that he had scanned the code and wanted to chat with the Youtuber involved to find out more about himself and his expertise.

Throughout the video on his Youtube channel, Max shows how he executes his plan from A to Z.

Find out how he got the job!

Source: Aled Haydn Jones, Max Fosh, Youtube

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