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(Video) ‘Nasi Goreng Kicap Manis’ Said by Minions In New Movie Trailer, Makes Many Malaysians Excited



A few days ago viral on social media with Minions using a few words that sounded like Bahasa Malaysia in a teaser trailer video for the movie Minions: The Rise of Gru was shared.

The Bahasa Malaysia words that appear and were heard in the short video are ‘Nasi Goreng Kicap Manis’.

Did Bob just ask for “Nasi Goreng Kicap Manis”? Said TGV on their Facebook page.

Although it only lasted less than a minute and only three words from what the Minions said was understood, it was enough to make netizens especially Malaysians excited about the matter.

Not only that, but many people might be interested in the use of those words and finally decided to Google and learn more about the language used by these Minions.

The main question is, whether Bahasa Malaysia is included in the language used by Minions in their previous conversations and communication with each other? Or just used as a gimmick for this latest movie?

Our search for an answer to this question was finally answered after we came across an article written by an overseas entertainment portal, Loopers. The article explains in detail what language these Minions use. First of all, the language used by Minions is known as ‘constructed language’ or if translated into Bahasa Malaysia it is literally a built language. Or maybe even a designed language.

The language used by Minions was first produced by the two co-directors of the film, Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud – specifically to use characters that are synonymous with this yellow color.

“Minionese, or sometimes called Banana Language because of Minion’s interest in the fruit, comes from several real languages ​​including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Indian and several other languages,” the article explained.

Not wanting to be satisfied with one source, we then searched for a few more articles and articles by this Vox portal confirming it is a spontaneously generated language and borrowing a few words from the real languages ​​of the world.

“Coffin has said the Minions speak a gibberish language that he spontaneously invents (albeit one that is infused with the occasional real word or phrase borrowed from a real language),” explained Vox.

So, if you listen and read the explanations given where they borrow the major languages ​​of this world, then it is not something extraordinary if our language is also used.

In fact, this is not the first time the name of food from the real world has been mentioned by the Minions and they have mentioned the Indian dish ‘poulet tikka masala’ in Despicable Me 2 before.

And if it has already made an appearance in the trailer, the question now is whether this word will remain in use for the upcoming film?

Or there will be more languages borrowed besides Bahasa Malaysia. That question may have been answered when the sequel was released in July 2021.

Sources:, Netflix Film Club, Vox


Food Review: Are You A Coffee Lover? Try This Local Brand, ZUS Coffee!




ZUS Coffee has taken over the Klang Valley by storm with its affordable specialty coffee beginning in December 2019.

It now has more than 10 locations spread across Malaysia and a wide range of drinks to choose from. ZUS Coffee keeps its drinks fun and affordable; this means that you get the best out of what you paid for.

The Twitter user @TypicalMsian recommended getting their app here or using Foodpanda and Grabfood to get your hands on their coffee.

If you don’t know what to check out first, it’s safest to go try out their best-selling drinks!


Picture: @TypicalMsian

Their best-sellers consist of the four; ZUS Gula Melaka, Genmai Matcha Latte, Black Sugar Latte, and Thunder. Surely these drinks are very delicious!

Learn more about ZUS Coffee on their website or can go directly to the ZUS Coffee Facebook and Instagram page.


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A post shared by ZUS COFFEE (

Source: @TypicalMsian, Facebook, Instagram, ZUS Coffee

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(Video) Popular Comedian Shuk Sahar Makes An IG Live, Can Be Heard A ‘Voice’ Crying



A popular Malaysian comedian, actor, host, and radio presenter that is Shuk Sahar just recently shared a scary incident that happened towards him and his friends on his official Instagram social media platform.

Shuk has uploaded a short clip from his Instagram Live. The particular Instagram live is the one in which he played riddles with his followers while he was in the elevator.

He stated in his posting, “I really did not notice the voice that entered my live video. I did not hear anything when I am doing that Instagram Live. At first, I’m just doing a normal live video on Instagram. Then we played some riddles about name and age. Who wins would get RM150”.

He also added, “Then, when I looked at the comment section. everyone said that they heard a crying voice while I did not hear anything in there”.

Shuk added, he only noticed the incident when people sent him the short clip then he really heard the voice of a woman crying.

“Honestly, I just recently moved into this house and I never had the chance to do any “doa Selamat” yet. It’s okay, tomorrow I will seek an Ustaz to confirm what actually happen”, he said in his posting.

People also really shocked with the occurrence that happened and commented:

Picture: Instagram Shuk

Sources: Instagram Shuk.

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(Video) Ringgo Arrow Entertains Customers With His Vocal While Making ‘Roti Canai’




A user on Twitter, under the name @mayom____, has shared a video, showing a man who’s making roti canai, a very popular dish in Malaysia, while singing to a Malay song.

Turns out, the man in the video is the actual singer of the song! He used to sing and entertain fans, now it does not win the hand of serving customers and spreading roti canai at a shop in Kampung Sungai Petai.

In the tweet, there was a Twitter user who explained that the man was the vocalist of the group Arrow, Ringgo, which was once popular in Malaysia.

That is the routine life of the vocalist, Ringgo which is far different compared to 26 years ago. He serves food now for a living, especially after the Movement Control Order (PKP) started last March.

In the video, you can see the man flipping roti canai as he sings the lyrics to his song, ever so effortlessly. For the full video, you all can watch it here that was uploaded by Nick Yie Channel.

For anyone who wants to buy a car, @mayom____ is a Toyota Authorized Sales Advisor. You can direct Whatsapp to her at this link here to find out more.

Source: @mayom____, Nick Yie Channel

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