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Follow These 4 Steps To Protect Your Netflix Account From Getting Hacked



Netflix has over 195 million paying subscribers worldwide as of October 2020, including 73 million in the United States. The operating revenue of Netflix was estimated in 2020 to be $1.2 billion as the site is available worldwide.

A McAfee internet security report revealed that hackers have accessed a variety of accounts and are selling information such as credit card details, login details for Netflix, or act as a parasite that leeches off the subscriber. On Facebook, a social media user named Asrul Nasirudin mentioned how his Netflix got hacked.

They hacked his password but didn’t change it – Asrul said that people allegedly ‘stole’ his Netflix account to resell it at a much cheaper price.

“We’ve never noticed that our account has a ‘secret user’, which we’ve been paying for them for months,” he said.

The user found out because he received emails of his Netflix login from other places – including other countries.

“I checked my ‘recent device streaming activity’ in Settings and see the locations this ‘secret user’s come from.”

There’s also log in from Sarawak, he added. Asrul assumed the reason his account got hacked is that he used a generic password.

“For Netflix, I use a default password because I want to log in quickly. This is the only generic account used.”

Another reason he said that it could be because he has logged his Netflix account using hotel Wi-fi.

“It’s the easiest way for people to snoop around and see your details.”

How can you stop being hacked?

1) Use a hard-to-crack password. There must be more than 8 letters of password and there is a blend of broad words, small letters, numbers, and special characters such as *^$& symbols.

2) Do not use public Wi-Fi. When we use public Wi-Fi, all information is easily exposed. This is also the way hackers want to catch prey. They open public Wi-Fi and naïve victims will think that they getting ‘free’ internet.

3) If you want to be secure, use your biometric username if you log in from your smartphone so that you do not need to key in your password. Biometric login passwords are like fingerprints, face, speech, or retina identification.

4) Frequently change your emails and log out of all your devices under the Settings bar.

Source: Facebook Asrul Nasirudin


Payment For Current I-Sinar Applications Begins Tuesday — EPF



KUALA LUMPUR, March 2 — Applicants for the i-Sinar facility under the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) submitted before Feb 25 will be progressively approved in batches following the removal of all previous criteria set for the withdrawals, and payments begin Tuesday, March 2.

The EPF said this includes applications that are still awaiting approval and were previously rejected, before the improvised i-Sinar facility without criteria was implemented.

“The EPF appreciates members’ patience while this process is under way. Members who continue to see an unchanged application status may recheck their status on subsequent days,” it said in a statement.
EPF noted that new applications reflecting the removal of the criteria will be opened beginning March 8, 2021 for all other members below the age of 55, subject to their available Account 1 balance.

“This includes non-Malaysian EPF members. New applications will be processed within five working days of submission, after which members may check their application status and payment date,” it said.

The pension fund also said beginning March 8, members may amend their application details such as amount to be withdrawn, bank details, address, telephone number, and payment method on i-Sinar Online.

The amount for withdrawal, as well as the maximum six-month payment schedule of the amounts withdrawn are as previously communicated, it said.

The EPF said these include those who have RM100,000 and below in Account 1, they have access to any withdrawal amount of up to RM10,000, of which the payments will be staggered over a period of six months with the first payment of up to RM5,000.

For those who have above RM100,000 in Account 1, the EPF said they have access of up to 10 per cent of their savings, however, the maximum total amount withdrawal allowed is RM60,000 and the payments will also be staggered over a period of six months with the first payment of up to RM10,000.

Members may contact the i-Sinar hotline at 03-8922 4848 for further information. For general enquiries, members can contact the EPF Contact Management Centre at 03-8922 6000 or refer to the EPF website at


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Woman Ordered iPhone 12 Pro Max From Apple, Receives An Apple Juice Instead



On Friday, a woman in Anhui Province in East China received a package with a box of apple-flavored yogurt in place of the iPhone she bought online. The woman recorded a video about it and spread it on Weibo, gaining wide attention. She spent 10,999 Yuan (RM6,877.37) on an iPhone 12 Pro Max (256GB) on Apple’s official online store.

According to the woman, surnamed Liu, the courier put the parcel in the locker in her residential community. It appears to be a theft case and an investigation has been launched.

The viral nature of the incidence sparked speculations among Weibo users.

“I think it might be courier company employees who replaced the iPhone,” a Weibo user wrote. He noted his similar experience days earlier – he received an empty shoebox after buying a pair of limited-edition shoes on Nike’s official shopping site.

However, some guessed that Liu might have fallen victim to a fake site instead of Apple’s official one. Legal expert Zhang Bo did not rule out the possibility of organized fraud cases on scam websites.

However, there are other possibilities of someone substituting the iPhone during the delivery process, which means every courier staff in contact with the batch is a suspect. If the fault is on Apple’s behalf then she may ask for compensation.  But if it happens during delivery, then the culprit will face punishment.

Zhang advised online shoppers to be more cautious in the future and check the validity of the website. Usage of internet security is highly important especially when it comes to items of high value.

Source: Globaltimes, Apple Insider

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Inaugural Edition of U Mobile MLCC Community Cup 2021 Champions Take Home RM5000 In Prize Pool




The fight was intense, teams were strategising using unorthodox methods to beat the opponent, there were cries of excitement and friends were cheering in support throughout the hours.

These were the scenes in U Mobile MLCC Community Cup 2021 finals where the champions from High School and Campus fought not only for glory but for the pride of their respective institutions! 

Ardent fans of U Mobile’s Mobile Legends Campus Championship were feted with the inaugural U Mobile Community Cup, a mini league to keep the students engaged throughout the MCO 2.0 period and as a pre-season tournament for the upcoming grand event, Season 3. Despite being a smaller scale tournament, the tournament was no push-over with over 850 players taking part from across 140 schools and 56 varsities nationwide. 

In response to the overwhelming participation, U Mobile’s Head of Segment Marketing, Mimi Wong said “We never expected for the fans to be so excited to join our U Mobile MLCC Community Cup, it’s our first time organising a community event after 2 seasons of U Mobile MLCC. The main objective was to keep our fans engaged after the thrilling Season 2 in 2020, we’re glad to be able to give something to these students, especially during these trying times.”

The 2-month online tournament was held in January and February, and it was developed to give opportunities for new gamers to hone their skills and prepare themselves for the larger tournament scheduled to take place sometime in April 2021. 

Winners for the Community Cup Tournaments stood to take home a total prize pool of RM5000 cash, split between Champions  (RM 500), Second Place (RM 300), Third Place (RM 200), and Fourth to Eighth Place – RM 50 for each of the High School and Campus Category.


Casted by the affable duo, Sith And Mikos, both the High School Category and Campus Category finals were intensely contested with fans calling it one of the most engaging competition they have ever watched.

John Gaming, from Kolej Tingkatan 6 Sultan Sallehuddin from Kedah took on SPKM Academy Sekolah Tinggi Johor, with the former being crowned champion for January’s High School category while the Campus Championship went to UiTM Vendetta from UiTM Shah Alam after battling for 6 hours.

As for the last leg of our Community Cup winners, ESG Gaming from SMK Taman Nusa Damai, Johor fought hard to be February’s High School Champion while Rex Borneo Hibiscus from MSU College, Sabah has won the battle to crown as February’s Campus Category.

All eligible winners will receive their prize money via GoPayz app, the official payment partner for U Mobile Sdn Bhd.

For more information on the tournament, do check out and follow the official Facebook page – U Mobile MLCC Facebook .

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